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Black Tide 3109/6 6 mixes Philip Sheppard
Classic orchestral horror & suspense with creaking harmonics & eerie effects
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Slaughter In The Shadows 2985/2 28 mixes Chris Egan | Martin Williams
Vintage supersleuth jazz with walking bass, suave piano & swinging big band
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Double Jeopardy 2985/7 28 mixes Chris Egan | Martin Williams
Stealthy vintage orchestra with jazzy brass, bongos & strings
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Back From The Dead 2865/4 13 mixes Jonathan Lloyd | Sam McCarthy
Atmospheric indie rock with twangy guitars, heavy beat & dark male vocal
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Bitter Pill 2865/5 10 mixes Jonathan Lloyd | Sam McCarthy
Eerie indie rock with dark guitars, quirky riffs, driving beat & male vocal
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Prankster 2811/5 12 mixes Bob Bradley | Adam Dennis | Chris Egan | Dave Bishop
Bumbling bassoon, tubax & strings conjure a circus world full of mystery
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What A Laugh 2811/7 12 mixes Bob Bradley | Adam Dennis | Chris Egan | Dave Bishop
Madcap saxophone, zany xylophone with vintage strings & brass
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Monsters 2807/1 13 mixes Lincoln Grounds
Monster surfbilly smash with vintage vocals, Theremin & cool twang guitars
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Sinful 2807/5 13 mixes Lincoln Grounds
Sexy rockabilly hit with vixen vocals, fat horns, killer band & B-movie fx
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Out Of Funk 2797/4 6 mixes Jason Rebello
Cop show funk with a criminal groove, wah wah guitar & immense horns
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Mooch 2753/7 14 mixes Mark Allaway | Jeff Lardner
Moody, driving swing with saxes, piano & off-beat double bass
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Bullet Dodger 2679/5 17 mixes Adam Drake | Gareth Johnson
Fast, busy & menacing Mexican surf rock
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Desert Highway 2679/7 12 mixes Adam Drake | Gareth Johnson
Driving surf rock with a Latin flavour
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Hammerhead 2679/1 12 mixes Adam Drake | Gareth Johnson
Dark, driving surf rock laced with a hefty shot of intrigue
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Noche Del Lobo 2679/3 19 mixes Adam Drake | Gareth Johnson
Slow, darkly romantic Latin surf rock builds in drama & intensity
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Race To Nowhere 2679/4 16 mixes Gareth Johnson | Adam Drake
Driving surf rock with oceans of attitude
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Ride The Wave 2679/2 11 mixes Gareth Johnson | Adam Drake
Driving mid-tempo surf rock with a Mexican twang builds to a dramatic climax
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Vultures 2679/8 16 mixes Gareth Johnson | Adam Drake
Tense, dramatic 1960s rock with twangy guitar melody & Latin influence
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Wave King 2679/6 14 mixes Gareth Johnson | Adam Drake
Upbeat, stomping surf rock with groovy 1960s beach party sections
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Ghost Cave 2643/3 11 mixes Duncan Beiny | James Brett
Zany comedy horror remix with heavy beat, orchestral samples & Theremin
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Undertaker's Trap 2643/7 13 mixes Duncan Beiny | James Brett
Horror remix with trap beat, Theremin, choir & orchestral samples
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Cherokee 2619/6 11 mixes Adam Drake | Tom Jenkins
Western blues rock with fuzzy guitar riffs, heavy kit, FX & strutting bass
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Palomino 2619/3 18 mixes Adam Drake | Tom Jenkins
Dark wild western theme with rumba groove, bells twangy guitars & bass riffs
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Tom Tom 2587/2 6 mixes Neil Sidwell
Edgy 1950s/60s crime drama jazz with driving double bass & wild brass solos
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Battle Among The Stars 2562/3 16 mixes Guy Farley
Celestial cinematic orchestral score bursts into battle action
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