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Follow On Fred 3743/4 11 mixes Neil Sidwell
Furtive, light tension dramedy with pizzicato strings, woodwind, marimba, xylophone & percussion
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Souls Intertwined 3732/3 14 mixes Luke Richards
Heavenly soprano vocal effect with uplifting arpeggiated synths, warm piano & atmospheric strings
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Raindrops In Summer 3732/4 15 mixes Luke Richards
Melancholy piano chords with atmospheric textures, hypnotic synth arpeggios, bass pulse & mallets
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First Touch 3732/5 12 mixes Luke Richards
Gentle, dreamy atmospheric synths & pulsing patterns build with delicate high piano & reflective strings
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Words Unsaid 3732/7 8 mixes Luke Richards
Delicate reflective strings & sparse piano over a deep sustained bass drone with atmospheric textures
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The Establishment 3728/3 8 mixes James Taylor | Pat Illingworth | Andrew McKinney | Mark Cox
Mid-tempo 1970s funk groove with guitar, bass & drums
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Meet The Boys 3728/5 8 mixes James Taylor | Pat Illingworth | Andrew McKinney | Mark Cox
Cool mid-tempo funk groove with guitar, bass & drums
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Sidewalk Strut 3728/4 10 mixes James Taylor | Pat Illingworth | Andrew McKinney | Mark Cox
Laid back funk bass & drum groove. Cool, strolling late-night feel with a touch of sleaze
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Cherrie's Groove 3728/2 9 mixes James Taylor | Pat Illingworth | Andrew McKinney | Mark Cox
Slow, mean funk groove with shady bass, drums & guitar
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Making Moves 3719/7 11 mixes Gareth Johnson
Tense classic hip hop with strong beats & bass, hypnotic piano loop & strong dark melodic hooks on retro keys
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Across The Aftermath 3715/3 17 mixes Theo Travis | Paul Ressel
Ominous dark soundscape with unnerving saxophones, haunting clarinet & synth atmosphere
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Human Toll 3715/6 13 mixes Theo Travis | Paul Ressel
Deep, textural soundscape with pulsing minor key synth, sustained bass, clarinets & saxophone
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Imminent Danger 3715/1 14 mixes Theo Travis | Paul Ressel
Moody soundscape with pulsing synth bass, low clarinet, pumping bass guitar line & insistent repeating lead guitar
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Cracked Earth 3715/4 15 mixes Theo Travis | Paul Ressel
Escalating soundscape with flutes, pulsing synth, drone synth & atmospheric textures
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Hip Hop Flava 3706/2 10 mixes Martin Felix Kaczmarski
Laid back hip hop beats with piano sound design pads, synth wobbles, trap drums & low end 808 groove
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The Breaks 3706/7 7 mixes Martin Felix Kaczmarski
Laid back atmospheric hip hop with a bouncy synth bells, vocal textures, quirky FX & trap drums
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Fight Music 3705/5 5 mixes Fred Chegwin Berry
Dark, hard hitting hip hop with 808 beat, vocal shouts & FX & eerie atmospheric synths
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Hoodums 3705/6 6 mixes Fred Chegwin Berry
Retro video game influenced EDM trap with ticking clocks, hard hitting beats, mysterious synths & dark atmospheric sub bass
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Incoming 3705/7 7 mixes Fred Chegwin Berry
Fierce, commanding EDM trap with huge brass tinged synths, hard hitting 808 beats & moving synth melody
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Abstinence 3700/1 20 mixes Igor Dvorkin | Duncan Pittock | Ellie Kidd
Tense orchestral strings with insistent pulsing bass, dark synths & percussion
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Aces And Eights 3695/6 8 mixes George Georgia
Steady, swaggering hip hop with piano stabs, punchy beats & playful synth melodies
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Origin 3667/1 10 mixes Matthew Slater | Dave Oliman
Mysterious expansive layered textures build with twinkling Omnichord chimes & ethereal vocals to a dramatic climax
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From Beyond 3656/5 7 mixes Lawrence Insula
Spooky trap with reversed sample bed, aggressive stadium trap drums, punchy 808s & hypnotic synth arpeggio
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Long Wave Goodbye 3656/7 7 mixes Lawrence Insula
Ambient trap with warm synth pads, punchy 808s, trap drums & reverse samples
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