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Devoted 3707/1 7 mixes Anton Flanders | Pablo Love | Campbell E Browning
Inspirational EDM trap with uplifting synth horn chord stabs, heavy hitting beat, bass & synth melody
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Driven 3707/8 6 mixes Anton Flanders | Pablo Love | Campbell E Browning
Epic, building EDM trap with powerful synth chords & hooky melody, driving beats & trap drums
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On The Court 3707/4 7 mixes Anton Flanders | Pablo Love | Campbell E Browning
Hard hitting, bouncy EDM trap with quirky driven synth melodies & drums
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Stadium 3707/7 6 mixes Anton Flanders | Pablo Love | Campbell E Browning
Positive, uplifting EDM trap with bright repeating synth melodies, hand claps & hard hitting beat
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Strikes 3707/9 5 mixes Anton Flanders | Pablo Love | Campbell E Browning
Warm, positive EDM trap with sparkling synth hook, chime FX melodies & steady, hard hitting beats
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Arcade 3705/1 6 mixes Fred Chegwin Berry
Celebratory energetic EDM trap with 808s, pads, hard hitting synth stabs & arpeggiated cosmic synth flourishes
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Edie And Em Go Trappin 3705/10 7 mixes Fred Chegwin Berry
Euphoric EDM trap with gritty synths, hard hitting trap drums & nostalgic US West Coast hip hop lead synth melody
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Fight Music 3705/5 5 mixes Fred Chegwin Berry
Dark, hard hitting hip hop with 808 beat, vocal shouts & FX & eerie atmospheric synths
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Happybop 3705/12 6 mixes Fred Chegwin Berry
Upbeat, bouncy EDM trap with energetic builds, pitch bent synths, 808s & hard hitting snares
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Hoodums 3705/6 6 mixes Fred Chegwin Berry
Retro video game influenced EDM trap with ticking clocks, hard hitting beats, mysterious synths & dark atmospheric sub bass
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Incoming 3705/7 7 mixes Fred Chegwin Berry
Fierce, commanding EDM trap with huge brass tinged synths, hard hitting 808 beats & moving synth melody
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Real Trapwives 3705/2 7 mixes Fred Chegwin Berry
Triumphant, up- tempo EDM trap with repeating synth stabs & melody & oscillating synth pattern bed
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Stash House 3705/3 7 mixes Fred Chegwin Berry
Propulsive mid-tempo EDM trap with positive & dark undertones, UFO inspired synths & beats
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Trap Powers 3705/11 6 mixes Fred Chegwin Berry
Cool, otherworldly EDM trap with rising & falling arpeggiated synth, hard hitting drums & vocal FX
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Boom Boom Boom 3701/5 11 mixes Jamie Elder | Peo Haggstrom
Hi-energy house banger with grooving piano stabs, driving beats & euphoric synth sweeps
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Nobody's Pawn 3698/10 8 mixes Benjamin Thompson
Powerful hip hop groove with broken piano, synths, live drums & bass
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Str8 Grimy 3698/1 7 mixes Benjamin Thompson
Forward moving hip hop with low hypnotic piano chords & hooky piano melody, hard hitting drums & synths
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Psychedelia 3648/4 13 mixes John 00 Fleming
Epic psy trance with mesmeric synth lines, pounding beats & driving bass. Builds from filtered machine-like fx opening
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Through The Camera Eye 3618/5 8 mixes Chris Blackwell
Dynamic rock guitars with epic drums & synths explode from mysterious opening
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Restless Minds 3611/6 15 mixes Oliver Wilde | Phil Panton | Tom Barnes
Powerful indie rock with chunky bass, twangy guitar riffs & drums into anthemic chorus with chanting group vocals
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Wave As You're Running 3604/3 14 mixes Cody Page | Megan Kinney
80s-influenced electro pop with robotic male vocals, pulsing synth bass, airy pads, plucky synth melodies & driving beat
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Missing Pieces 3604/2 13 mixes Cody Page
Future trap song with electronic textures, male/female vocals, wobbly synth bassline & half-time chorus drop
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Shadower 3604/4 13 mixes Cody Page
Futuristic electro indie song with male/female vocals, swirling synths, cascading melodies & four-to-the-floor groove
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It Gets Better 3585/1 18 mixes Marc Jackson Burrows
Uplifting happy house track with 90s dance piano rhythms, deep bass, quirky synth melodies & pumping beat
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Blazing 3585/2 16 mixes Marc Jackson Burrows
Anthemic house with feelgood synth melodies, bubbling synth arpeggios, bass & pumping beat
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