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Billy Goat 3273/10 9 mixes John DeFaria | John Paterno
Swinging 1950s rockabilly shuffle with driving drums & red hot licks
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Big Talk 2978/7 15 mixes Jeff Dale | Tim Reilly | Marc Layton-Bennett
Cosmic psycho-rockabilly with twanging guitars & driving drum groove
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Mojo Man 2817/13 10 mixes Terry Devine-King | Adam Drake
Hypnotic blues groove with retro electric guitars & wailing harmonica
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Cookin' Up A Storm 2817/6 10 mixes Terry Devine-King | Adam Drake
Swingin' 50s rock & roll groove with fast blues guitar licks
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Keep On Rollin 2817/1 9 mixes Terry Devine-King
Good times 50s rock & roll groove with male vocals & swinging piano
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Monsters 2807/1 13 mixes Lincoln Grounds
Monster surfbilly smash with vintage vocals, Theremin & cool twang guitars
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Rockabilly Trouble 2807/4 10 mixes Lincoln Grounds
Bad boys rockabilly hit with male vocal & hot rockin' band
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She Got Ooh Yeah 2807/3 12 mixes Lincoln Grounds
Smokin' rockabilly big band with sassy vocal, fat brass & hot guitars
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Rock And Roll 2807/8 10 mixes Lincoln Grounds
Hot rodded rock 'n' roll hit with male vocal, deep twang guitars & slap bass
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Rock Around 2807/2 12 mixes Lincoln Grounds
Smokin' rockabilly big band hit with slappin' bass, hot guitar & vocal
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Ghostflame 2550/6 14 mixes Adam Drake | Gareth Johnson
Dark surfbilly instrumental with twangy tremolo guitar melody
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Go Daddy Go 2550/7 14 mixes Adam Drake | Gareth Johnson
Good time rock 'n' roll instrumental with hotrod lead guitar
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Grease And Glory 2550/1 12 mixes Adam Drake | Gareth Johnson
Rockabilly hotrod race with menacing groove & wild lead guitar
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Pop The Clutch 2550/2 14 mixes Adam Drake | Gareth Johnson
Uptempo country rockin' chase with exuberant lead guitars
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Black Lightning 2525/6 10 mixes Lincoln Grounds | Pat Reyford
Exciting 1950s rebel biker chase with narrator vocal & deep cinematic twang
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Working For My Baby 2525/1 9 mixes Lincoln Grounds | Pat Reyford
Early 1950s rockabilly hit with country guitar twang & rock 'n' roll vocal
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Hot Dog 2326/7 10 mixes Lincoln Grounds | Randall Breneman
Manic blues rockabilly chase with doggy lyrics. Jazz cat interlude at 1'08
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Monsters In My Closet 2190/5 10 mixes Jake Field | Randall Breneman
Rockabilly zombie song with male vocal, Theremin & trippy guitars
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No Way Jose 2044/7 11 mixes Adam Drake | Liam Watson
Super cool Latin flavoured rock out with hand claps & 60s grooving guitars
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Good Days 2031/3 10 mixes Sue Verran | Lincoln Grounds
Bright rockabilly pop song with retro sound & cool contemporary vocal
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Watch Me Fly 2031/1 9 mixes Lincoln Grounds | Sue Verran
Hedonistic retro rocking skiffle song with cool young male vocal
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Whole Lot Harder 1867/5 10 mixes Jake Field | Marcus Bonfanti | Gavin Conder
Raw, energetic rockabilly blues with tireless male vocal
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Hubba Hubba Hop 1851/1 10 mixes Lincoln Grounds | Bob Bradley
Raucous rockabilly with quirky vocal hook, hot double bass & guitar solos
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Run Boy Run 1851/7 8 mixes Lincoln Grounds | Bob Bradley
Hell raising up-tempo rockabilly song with rebel lyrics & cookin' band
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Go Go Daddio 1851/4 8 mixes Bob Bradley | Lincoln Grounds
Jumping & jiving raucous rockabilly with cool guitars & gang vocals at 1:01
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