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Caliente 3758/7 18 mixes Neil Mulholland | Kirstin Lynn | Thomas McNeice
Uplifting funk pop with bright synths, funky bass line, forward drums, choppy guitars & laid back male vocal
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Gifted 3731/5 22 mixes Paddy Conn
Laid back electro indie pop with uplifting synths, optimistic male lead & backing vocals, organ, bass synth & drum kit
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Old Hero 3731/7 17 mixes Paddy Conn
Nostalgic dream pop with layered synth lines, synth bass, drums, tuned percussion, male backing vocals & climactic end
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Self High Five 3731/1 15 mixes Paddy Conn
Tropical feel good dream pop with jangly guitars, punchy drum groove, bass, dreamy synth lines & soft male vocal
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World In Our Hands 3731/6 16 mixes Paddy Conn
Uplifting indie pop with anthemic chorus, distorted electric guitar, bass, drums & optimistic male lead & chanting backing vocals
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My Favorite Song 3721/6 13 mixes Samuel Grant Beresford | Duran Hans Visek
Up-tempo indie synth pop song with high male vocal, double time drums, bouncy synths, bass & electric guitars
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All In Your Eyes 3721/8 14 mixes Samuel Grant Beresford | Duran Hans Visek
Optimistic psych pop with nostalgic male vocal, synth pads, punchy drums, bass & dancey electric guitar
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1974 3633/1 9 mixes Edward Lee Liggitt III
Coming-of-age indie song with dreamy synth melodies, guitars, drums, lead male vocals & bvs
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Is This The Way 3629/3 13 mixes Aidan Hogg | Liam Quinn
Punchy indie rock with male vocals, high energy drums, claps & hooky guitar melodies
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World Spins 3629/2 13 mixes Aidan Hogg | Liam Quinn
High energy electro indie with reflective male lead & reverby backing vocals, synths, hard hitting drums & guitars
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Finally Let Go 3629/1 13 mixes Aidan Hogg | Liam Quinn
Exciting electro indie rock song with punchy drums, male vocals, bvs, hooky lead guitars & synths
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Shadower 3604/4 13 mixes Cody Page
Futuristic electro indie song with male/female vocals, swirling synths, cascading melodies & four-to-the-floor groove
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Chase Bliss 3584/2 8 mixes Chris Bussey | Craig Bussey
Positive indie riffs with deep groove, sweet chillwave synths & guitars. Fresh, driving & energetic
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What A Rush 3584/7 11 mixes Chris Bussey | Craig Bussey
Uplifting indie dance with cool synths, palm muted guitars, vocal effects & driving drums
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Cocktail Club 3568/1 19 mixes Paddy Conn
Feelgood indie disco pop song with uplifting catchy male vocals, synths & guitar over a driving drums & percussion groove
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Electric Youth 3568/4 18 mixes Paddy Conn
Anthemic indie dream pop with warm, chanting male vocals, ambient synth soundscapes & a punchy drum groove
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Fly Solo 3568/7 20 mixes Paddy Conn
Ambient dream pop song with ethereal male vocals, playful guitar loops, synths & energetic drums. Builds to anthemic chorus
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Love Yourself 3568/5 16 mixes Paddy Conn
Bright 80s-inspired synth pop song with warm male vocals, quirky, detuned guitars & drums
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Spirit Fresh 3568/9 17 mixes Paddy Conn
Dreamy & anthemic indie pop with warm male vocals, floating synths, guitars & half-time drum groove in chorus
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Together Full Of Love 3568/3 14 mixes Paddy Conn
Feelgood indie pop with dreamy male vocals, atmospheric synth textures, arpeggiators & driving drums
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Future Beach 3568/8 17 mixes Paddy Conn
Tropical indie pop with warm male vocals, sun-kissed guitars & playful piano over a retro bass & drum groove
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All I Knew 3551/2 15 mixes Robbie Redway
Upbeat alt indie pop song with piano, synths, pulsating bass & introspective male vocal
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Picking Up 3518/5 11 mixes Justin David Joyce | Benjamin Epand
Upbeat electro indie song with catchy trumpet hooks, 808 kicks, snaps, acoustic guitar and feel good male vocal
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Wild And Free 3486/4 13 mixes Oliver Wilde | David King
Alternative indie rock song with confident male vocals, anthemic synths, crunchy guitars & drums
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Wanna Be Free 3432/4 11 mixes Matthew Taylor | Daniel Risi | Daniel Nicoletti | Ethan Kaufmann
Driving electro indie pop song with groovy drums, funky driven guitar & synths with rapped & sung layered male vocals
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