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Bhangra Pauna Ve 3314/1 13 mixes Sidhant Kapoor
Driving bhangra with heavy bass, synths, male Punjabi vocals & traditional Indian dhol
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Saiyaan Mera Jhootha 3314/6 13 mixes Sidhant Kapoor
Quirky Bollywood pop song with female Indian vocals, synths, beats, heavy bass & tabla
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Mehendi Rachnewali 3314/2 14 mixes Sidhant Kapoor
Traditional Indian wedding song with beautiful female lead & backing vocals, driving percussion, santoor & bansuri
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Aadataan Kharaab 3314/3 12 mixes Sidhant Kapoor
Trippy electronic Bollywood song with male Punjabi lyrics, dark electronic beats, driving synths & guitar hook
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Jashn Ki Shaam 3314/4 18 mixes Sidhant Kapoor
Upbeat Bhangra with dance beats, dhol, ektara, harmonium, powerful Punjabi lead & backing vocals
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Blissful Mudra 3080/1 14 mixes Sidhant Kapoor
Wistful sitar with tanpura, acoustic guitar, bass & pads. Sweet, touching & romantic
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Tea Time 2782/8 9 mixes Jean-Yves Prieur | Campbell E Browning | Pablo Love
Psychedelic Indian electro with kit groove, floaty drone & trippy ethnic instruments
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Dilruba 2363/10 9 mixes Johnny Lithium | David O'Brien | Kevin Browne | Evan Jenkins
Dreamy & evocative lament with Indian dilruba over romantic strings
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Divinity 2337/1 8 mixes Jody Jenkins
Emotional, cinematic Indian song with warm strings & arresting female vocal
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Sun Sun Sun 2114/4 9 mixes Ruhan Kapoor | Sidhant Kapoor
Uplifting Indian song celebrating the bond between brothers & sisters
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Rangeeli Holi 2114/2 9 mixes Ruhan Kapoor | Sidhant Kapoor
Lively Indian song in celebration of the Hindu festival of colours
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Balamji Mora 1926/1 9 mixes Ruhan Kapoor | Sidhant Kapoor
Rajasthani folk song with male vocal, Indian banjo & lively rhythm section
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Lori 1926/4 7 mixes Ruhan Kapoor | Sidhant Kapoor
Gentle, soothing Lori (Indian lullaby) sung by a mother to her child
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Na Socha Na Samjha 1926/2 8 mixes Ruhan Kapoor | Sidhant Kapoor
Romantic, retro Bollywood ghazal with male vocal, sitar, harmonium & tabla
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Prarthna 1926/6 9 mixes Ruhan Kapoor | Sidhant Kapoor
Evocative prayer sung by Indian children's choir with ethnic instruments
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Teri Akhiyan 1926/3 9 mixes Ruhan Kapoor | Sidhant Kapoor
Qawwali (Sufi devotional music) with male group singing & ethnic instruments
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Mystics Dance 1704/1 10 mixes Philip Guyler | Rana Bolla
Arabic/Indian vocal dance fusion with pumping electro groove
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Flames of Desire 1678/1 9 mixes Daniel Naqvi | Ravi Kanda
Bollywood R&B song with female singer & rapper. Lyrics in Hindi & English
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Aayo Aayo 1678/2 16 mixes Ruhan Kapoor | Sidhant Kapoor
Indian song to celebrate monsoon with male vocal, choir & lively ensemble
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Dhum Tanna 1678/5 12 mixes Ruhan Kapoor | Sidhant Kapoor
Upbeat Bhangra/Bollywood dance song with male vocals
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Jeele Zara 1678/8 10 mixes Ruhan Kapoor | Sidhant Kapoor
Driving Bollywood song with dance beats & male vocals
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Tohe Kardungi 1678/4 14 mixes Ruhan Kapoor | Sidhant Kapoor
Dynamic Bollywood song with female vocal, chorus & lively Indian ensemble
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Tum Miley 1678/7 11 mixes Ruhan Kapoor | Sidhant Kapoor
A romantic Bollywood duet with female & male vocals & dance groove
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Indian Goddess 1627/7 17 mixes John 00 Fleming
Traditional Indian vocal with fat breakbeats, throbbing bass & digital trickery
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Maharani 1612/8 4 mixes Igor Dvorkin | Duncan Pittock | Ellie Kidd
Meditative if slightly tense Indian raga. Builds with Eastern instruments
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