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Terry Devine-King

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Slow, simple ethnic percussion groove & exotic flute above an ambient drone
Quirky comedy groove with scat singers & brass
Fast, urgent, building Latin percussion over slow, expectant strings
Chilled electronic dance groove with a Far Eastern influenced melody
Positive, driving indie rock develops from synth & electronic drum groove
Light drifting acoustic guitars with autoharp glissandi
Positive marimba & piano with synths, bass & percussion
Full-on, take no prisoners nu-metal assault & battery. Brutal & menacing
Mystery & espionage intro into a pulverising, nu metal rock-fest
An interstellar assault of orchestra, electronic beats & epic choir
Laid back Spanish acoustic guitars with light percussion & strings
Portentous, historical brass fanfare with military percussion
Quirky magical theme with pizz strings, harp, marimba, bassoon & percussion
Swinging cool jazz sextet with trumpet & sax melody
Curious, majestic orchestral waltz with a fantasy feel
Calm atmospheric drone with breathy textures & understated synth melody
Energetic Latin dance pop with rumba/ flamenco influence
Modern groove with evocative flute & Asian percussion
Dark rock with insistent metal guitars & raucous drums
Slow atmospheric opening building to driving rhythm with choir
Lively retro pop with a Latin flavour. Featuring surf/spy guitar & accordion
Neutral, light dance groove with ethereal world vocal
Mid sixties US soul/rhythm 'n' blues song with male vocal
Wistful prancing featuring orchestral woodwind
Reflective acoustic guitar under delicate piano lines
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