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Keith Beauvais

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Urgent string quintet with bright pizzicatos & anxious piano
Happy-go-lucky swing jazz with smooth guitar & violin
Serene, lyrical string quartet with gentle piano
Whimsical swinging 30’s style jazz with comedy kazoo & megaphone vocals
Elegant baroque string orchestra with old skool hip hop beats
Teen pop/rock ballad with female vocal. Powerful emotive chorus
Perky French gypsy jazz featuring swinging violin, guitar & accordion
Dark 1960s pop with a retro feel, tremolo guitar & voices
Full tilt bluegrass/RnB mash up with blazing fiddle & hooky synth riffs
Country hip hop with wailing blues harmonica & urban beats
Fast feel-good Southern country rock fusion with banjo & hip hop beats
Slow blues with wailing harmonica, bar room piano & smokin' Hammond solo
Grinding classic rock riffs, squealing feedback & hard-hitting drums
Vigorous, agitated strings over driving beats
Cheery pop song with female vocal. Sunshine all the way
Vintage ballroom Cha Cha with quirky brass & chirpy flute
Dreamy chill out with haunting Spanish guitar melody & exotic trip hop beats
Passionate jazz tango with guitar, violin & accordion
Heartfelt, romantic piano with poignant strings
Dynamic teen/power ballad with dramatic chorus. Female vocals
Perky, bright & pleasing string quartet with grooving percussion
Bustling French gypsy jazz swing with guitars, clarinet & whimsical violin
Traditional Spanish flamenco rumba with soaring guitar & cajon
Urgent gypsy jazz swing with brisk guitar, violin & melodica
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