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Dan Skinner

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Hypnotic metallic & exotic percussion groove above a celestial soundscape
Insistent hammered dulcimer with steel tongue drum & sparse piano
Desolate soundscape with foreboding metallic percussion & textures. Builds
Bright dulcimer with celestial atmospheric textures & guitar climax
Bleak soundscape with hammered dulcimer, evolving textures & thunder drums
Darkly insistent metallic percussion groove with unsettling textures & fx
Calming, drifting soundscape with a gentle hypnotic throb
Driving trip hop groove builds throughout with epic strings & voice textures
Poignant, slightly mysterious cello theme with piano & strings
Melancholic theme with orchestral strings evolves from magical opening
Bright strings & brass set forth with much optimism
Ominous orchestral hybrid builds from mysterious opening to turbulent climax
Forlorn, mournful strings with a remote glimmer of hope
Galloping strings & heroic brass build to a triumphant conclusion
Gentle, moving & thoughtful orchestral journey to an inspiring climax
Light, breezy string orchestra with piano & woodwind
Melancholy yet uplifting string quintet & piano with lyrical lead violin
Brooding, dynamic string quintet with piano & harp
Buoyant, positive & rhythmic string quintet with elegant solo cello
Vibrant, folky string quintet with acoustic guitars & spirited lead violin
Pensive string quintet & piano with elegant solo cello & violin
Boisterous Celtic reel with buccaneering string quartet & accordion
Intense dreamy soundscape with stuttering space metals
Dark otherworldly soundscape packed with apocalyptic dread
Disturbing atmospheric drone with eerie metal clanks & distant growls
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