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Audio Network is your ultimate online destination for thousands of stock music songs

Find the perfect song for all of your creative pursuits. Listen to any track, download with a few clicks, and add it to your project in moments. Produced by some of the best composers and musicians in the world, our extensive catalogue of stock music features over 175,000 songs across every musical genre.

What is stock music?

Often referred to as library music or production music, stock music is pre-recorded and is licensed with the intent to be featured in various mediums, such as television, film, advertising, online content, video games, and corporate productions. This royalty-free music is ideal for any type of creative project, plus it’s pre-cleared for worldwide and multi-platform use.

Unlike commercial tracks that tend to be costly for both personal and profit-making uses, stock music doesn’t require permission from the composer/musician or accrue any additional clearance fees. Stock music is also considerably less expensive than commissioning a composer to produce a score, track, or jingle. Our audio stock music library features hundreds of thousands of songs that are easily searchable by style, tempo, mood and emotion, instrumentation, production genre, and more.

The best stock music at your fingertips

From easy listening and indie music genres to tracks inspired by mood and emotion, Audio Network has high-quality audio stock for every musical style, a massive selection of instrumental tunes, and a comprehensive library for every production genre.

Audio Network records its music in some of the world’s most celebrated studios – including over 150 sessions a year at the iconic Abbey Road Studios. Go behind the scenes of the recording of the Classical Collection with three of the collection’s composers and arrangers.

Find the perfect track with our stock music library

It’s easy to search our songs by musical styles, such as disco, reggae, jazz, and plenty of other genres. Looking for something with more of a melody? Discover our extensive collection of stock audio instrumentation tracks with hymns, or specific instruments and effects, such pan pipes, saxophone, harmonica, and eerie/supernatural sounds.

Our stock audio library is also searchable by mood and emotion and features vibes that are sexy or frantic, and some tunes bring on the sense of luxury and celebration. From military and war subjects to docudramas and vintage travel themes, we have thousands of music stock songs for every production genre.

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