Needle Drop Music

What is Needle Drop Music?

Needle Drop is a method of music licensing that requires a producer to pay a fee each time they synchronize a tune with a TV show, film or commercial.

Also referred to as Laser Drop music following the introduction of CDs, the name’s origin comes from bygone days when a phonograph needle was dropped onto a record track.

Needle Drop music is generally available as a single track, is considered to be of a suitably high quality for TV, film or commercials and can cost anything from several hundred pounds/dollars to several million.

Charges for Needle Drop music are different for each track and are based on how a user expects to utilize it, in which territories the music will be aired and to which demographic the final content will be shown.

In many ways, Needle Drop licensing is more akin to renting than buying a piece of music.

We do not provide Needle Drop music.

Our Music Library

With our music library, producers don’t own the music they use but they do purchase a license that allows them to synchronize the tune, sound effect or bed in any territory, on any platform, forever. To see some examples of our music in use, check out the links below.

To find your ideal music for video click on this link to use the Audio Network’s search facility now, but first why not find out more about our service and what we can do for you with our video below.


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