Music rights

Creating new video content? Confused about music rights for video? Well, as one might expect, we know a thing or two about music licensing – being an internationals production music catalogue. 

So, we’ve created a short video to inform you about all the things you need to bear in mind when using a piece of music in your video.

Check out our animation below to find out everything you need to know about global music rights – including sync rights and master rights – and how to clear them for use in your next video. 

To recap…

What are sync rights? 

Sync rights are global rights that cover the composition and lyrics of a song and are usually held by the music publisher. 

What are master rights? 

Master rights cover the recorded version of a song and are usually held by the record label. 

What are dubbing rights?

The same as above. 

What are mechanical rights?

Mechanical rights are those involved with the duplication of a song (for example, on to a CD) and are held by a rights society or the music publisher.

What are performance rights?

Performance rights need to be cleared if your production is to be hosted online or broadcast on TV. They’re usually held by the music publisher and are most likely to be cleared by the TV channel or website.

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