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Music licensing, the bedrock on which Audio Network’s production music catalogue is built, refers to the licensed use of copyrighted music.

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How does music licensing work?

The process of music licensing is there to ensure that composers, songwriters and musicians are paid for the work they do.

There are many forms of music licensing – including the model used by Audio Network’s production music library – but in each case, it sees money go to the person who originally came up with the words or tune and put the musical notes in that particular order.

The upshot of this is that anyone purchasing or licensing a piece of music is really just buying the right to use it and is not purchasing the tune itself.

From a production music point-of-view, producers are generally buying the chance to re-use that music for another purpose other than just personal listening, be it broadcasting to millions of viewers as part of a TV show, film or commercial or narrow music licensing for video, such as YouTube.

Audio Network’s production music catalogue has 175,000 of those tracks to choose from, all of which can be licensed for television and multiplatform use around the world, forever. Each also covers all sync and dubbing rights.

Do I need a music licence?

If you’re a producer looking to use a song or composition in your content, whether that be a niche podcast or a blockbuster film, the answer is yes.

What type of licence do I need?

The type of licence you need depends on the content you’re creating. Learn more about each type of licence available, and music licensing in general here.

How much does a music licence cost?

We have great news: here at Audio Network, our music is licensed for use across the globe. In other words, you don’t have to worry about any extra fees.

The only rights our licences do not cover are performing rights; albeit, these music licencing rights can be easily cleared by contacting performing rights societies.

Where can I buy a music licence?

As mentioned above, each of our tracks comes with its own music licence for use in a single video or production; all you need to do is purchase your chosen track.

If you require a licence for multiple projects, or more information on music licensing, please get in touch. Our account managers are always happy to help.

What type of licensed music can I purchase from Audio Network?

Here at Audio Network, we have music for all kinds of genres – from period to new-age, rave to disco

For your convenience, we’ve also created pages for each production genre. Here you can explore tracks we’ve hand-picked for everything from talk shows to Spaghetti Westerns and if you’re looking for music licensing for video, then check out our specially created YouTube playlists with everything from fashion and beauty to kids, parenting, fitness and tech.

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