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Thousands of people worldwide utilise our high-quality production music every day, and many use our licensable music for commercial use. But what do we mean by ‘commercial use’? It’s music used by for-profit businesses – projects that aim to financially benefit them in some way, shape or form. 

From rock and pop to hip hop, every type of music is suited to commercial use, when placed in the right project. Below we highlight a selection of our best-loved commercial music offerings, right after we answer all of your most-searched questions surrounding the topic.

Music For Commercial Use

  • What is Commercial Use?
  • How Can I Use a Song For Commercial Use?
  • How to Use Commercial Music on YouTube
  • Can You Buy Music For Commercial Use?
  • Where to Get Music For Commercial Use
  • How to Download Music For Commercial Use on Audio Network
  • Why Do You Need A Licence?
  • Why The Right Music Matters 
  • Choose Your Track By Instrument
  • Choose Your Track By Genre
  • Choose Your Track By Topic Playlist

What is Commercial Use?

The term ‘commercial use’ alludes to an individual or business using something to enhance a project that intends to make money.

That being said, the term ‘commercial use music’ makes reference to usable songs that can be added to anything from a radio ad to a short film to help the producers financially better themselves. 


How Can I Use a Song For Commercial Use?

If you want to use a song for commercial use, you must first make sure you can obtain a licence for the song.

Next, you must consider if the track is appropriate for your production (in every way thinkable). Finally, you must consider how much of the song you plan on using and the section of the song you intend to use. 

Some of the best examples of effective use of commercial music come in the form of television advertisements.

Check out our articles covering the best Nike ads, best Adidas ads, best Burger King ads and best IKEA ads right now.


How to Use Commercial Music on YouTube

There are many reasons why you may want to get your hands on commercial music, one of which being that you plan on using the song to soundtrack a YouTube video. 

All a YouTuber must do to use commercial music on YouTube is download some licensed music onto their device and add the song(s) to the platform when uploading a new video.

Read our using music in YouTube videos article to understand the specifics. 

music for commercial use

Can You Buy Music For Commercial Use?

Of course. Once you’ve purchased a piece of music and obtained a licence to use the song in commercial projects, you can use the song in everything from films to podcasts to radio shows.

Costs differ depending on the song you’re purchasing and the place you’re purchasing it from.

Which neatly leads us on to our next question…

Where to Get Music For Commercial Use

Music for commercial use is available right here at Audio Network. And, fortunately for you, we have over 200,000 production music tracks at your disposal. 

There are lots of ways to scan our sizable selection of background music songs. Some people prefer to head straight to our new releases to ensure the song in their next project is completely fresh.

Others like to spend time scrolling through our hand-picked collection page, currently headed by our Latin series, world lifestyle series and maximum impact collection

new releases

How to Download Music For Commercial Use on Audio Network

Once you’ve settled on a decision about the music you want to feature in your project, it’s time to download the track from our catalogue onto your device.

To download a song, you must first sign up for your own free Audio Network account.

Purchase the track, before clicking on the ‘Orders’ button on your account page to discover your download options (mp3 or wav). Now, save the file to your chosen location. 

Read our download background music guide for a comprehensive breakdown of our download process.

sign up

Why Do You Need A Licence? 

Using a song without a licence means that you’re infringing copyright law – one put into place to protect the work of an artist or author.

If you fail to obtain a licence, there will be consequences, the worst being imprisonment Needless to say, it’s never worth the risk. 

At Audio Network we make licensing music simple. All that is required from you is to choose between our licensing options

music licensing

Why The Right Music Matters

As mentioned previously, the purpose of commercial-use music is to enhance a project in the hopes that it’ll encourage more people to spend their hard-earned money on your creation, whatever that may be.

By choosing memorable, high-quality tracks (like those found in our catalogue) over poor, generic music choices, you have a better chance of people interacting with your project.

Choose Your Track By Instrument


A piano can evoke an abundance of emotions, meaning there’s a piano-led track to suit every vibe. Check out our top piano tracks.

Recommendation: Stefano Civetta’s romantic piano song ‘Evening Breeze’ is reflective and optimistic – it asks you to learn from the past, cherish the present and look forward to the future.


Electric Guitar

An electric guitar track will shake up your world if you let it. Work your way through our electric guitar playlist to discover the many sides of the powerful rock instrument. 

Recommendation: Barrie Gledden and Kes Loy’s ‘Just Believe It’ is an uplifting track that reminds the listener of good times spent outdoors during the height of summer.


Acoustic Guitar

There’s something reassuring about the sound of an acoustic guitar. Ergo, no matter what the listener is going through, an acoustic guitar song is sure to prove comforting.

Recommendation: Chaplin, Frederick and Jones’ ‘Caught in the Light’ is warm and homely, yet still a little mysterious. It reminds listeners that there’s always more to things than meets the eye.

acoustic guitar


A lot can be said about the sound of drums: percussion-led rhythms can communicate all kinds of messages to a listener. Check out how versatile drums really are by sampling the songs in our solo percussion playlist.

Recommendation: William Davies’ ‘Imago’ is a Latin-inspired drum track packed with flavour. It’s simultaneously sweet, spicy, zesty and tangy. 


Choose Your Track By Genre

Hip Hop & R&B

Our hip hop tracks are a dose of energy – a collection of tracks that force the listener to bop their heads, tap their feet and loosen their shoulders.

Recommendation: Joe Milburn’s ‘Fairytale Ending’ is hip hop with a twist. The quirky, addictive track is sleek, chic and sophisticated but still has a little edge. 

R&B is just the genre you need to put some soul into your project. Sample songs from our R&B playlist to hear sultry vocals, smooth piano and funky beats. 

Recommendation: Hunte and Smith’s ‘Heal Me’ is a triumphant track led by a silky female vocal. It wraps its arms around the listener – metaphorically, of course. 


Dance & Electronic

If you want listeners to lose themselves within the world you’re presenting them with, you’ll want to check out our dance playlist. Expect intoxicating hooks and catchy lyrics. 

Recommendation: Bradley, Henson and Beck’s ‘Bad Luck’ is the kind of track that makes us want to get up and dance like nobody’s watching.

dance music


Our rock music is unconventional and rebellious. It’s music that keeps the listener on their toes and, most importantly, interested. 

Recommendation: Cahir O’Doherty’s ‘Bully Boy’ takes no prisoners. From the vey beginning, the US punk rock song is a rush of passion and excitement. 


Epic Orchestral

Our collection of epic orchestral music, and epic orchestral music in general, is designed to humble the listener – it reminds them that there’s a whole universe out there waiting to be explored. 

Recommendation: Speaking of the universe, one of our favourite epic orchestral tracks right now is Terry Devine-King’s ‘Solar Orbiter’. It’s a grand space adventure that lasts just over three minutes.

epic orchestral


None of the above genres appeal to you? Looks like your best move is to choose a song from our pop playlist. Everyone knows there’s no going wrong with pop. 

Recommendation: K-Pop is all the rage, which is just one of many reasons why we’re recommending Hardy, Jordan and Gustavsson’s ‘You Are My Number One’.


Choose Your Track By Topic Playlist


Explore our voguish fashion playlist to discover stylish tracks you can pair with your projects. Talk about a hero accessory.

Recommendation: Smith and Henson’s ‘Obvious Youth’ is catwalk chic. It’s poised, steady and tasteful, just like Kate, Naomi, Gigi and Bella. 



Whatever your idea of humour is – whether that be dry humour, slapstick humour or surreal humour – you’d be silly not to soundtrack your rib-tickling production with one of our comedy songs.

Recommendation: ‘Grooty McGruesome’ by James Brett is a pompous and quirky orchestral track that reminds the listener to never take anything too seriously. 



There’s nothing purer than a child exploring their imagination. Encourage children to think outside of the box by adding one of our children’s songs to your production. 

Recommendation: David Edward Holden’s ‘You Can Count On Me’ is magical and uplifting. It asks you to believe in a world past the visible one. 

childrens music


Sometimes a straightforward corporate song is all you require for your commercial project. Discover some of the best corporate background tracks available by scrolling through our corporate playlist.

Recommendation: ‘Drift Together’ by Kaczmarski and Acroleo proves that corporate music needn’t be dull. In fact, this particular track is giving Ibiza. 



For a commercial project to be successful, it’s got to be entertaining. One of the ways you can make your project enjoyable is by featuring one of the songs from our entertainment playlist

Recommendation: The ultimate form of entertainment allows you to escape from the everyday. Hence, our ultimate entertainment song is ‘Sunshine Beach’ by Terry Devine-King and Adam Drake.



We live for drama, and whether you like to admit it or not, so do you. And nothing makes us all want to get our popcorn out quite like a dramatic piece of music (like those found in our drama playlist).

Recommendation: Michael Levine, Bijan Olia and Charles Sicouri’s ‘Highlands’ makes one wonder what just happened and what’s going to happen next. It’s the kind of track that wouldn’t sound out of place in the finale of a juicy ITV drama. 



Our assemblage of documentary music tracks is rather impressive, even if we do say so ourselves, whisking listeners away to landscapes as diverse as the Arctic and the Amazon.

Recommendation: ‘Glacial’ by George Georgia is an icy, atmospheric experience for the ears that’s defined by its glistening, plucked instruments and imposing choral textures.



Sports music puts the listener right in the middle of the action. It’s music that makes you feel empowered – music reminds the listener that they’re the real winner.

Recommendation: Alex Arcoleo’s ‘Endorphin’ is a fast-paced, underground house track that’s ideal for contemporary sports projects. 


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