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It’s been scientifically proven that music has a direct effect on our mood. So, when looking to convey happiness in your content, it’s important to consider your soundtrack. It needs to be vibrant, lively and uplifting. It needs to be redolent of summer days. And, most of all, it needs to encourage people to smile. Lucky for you, we’ve got plenty of happy background music in our catalogue.

For instant inspiration, here’s our top 15 feel-good tracks:

1) ‘Fits And Giggles’Jody Jenkins

Swinging gypsy jazz with silly brass solos, this is happy background music jam-packed with personality.

 2) ‘Heat Of The Night’Gavin Harrison

‘Heat Of The Night’ is a transcendent dance-pop track with warm ambient synths and hypnotic rhythms.

rhythm of light album

3) ‘Liberty Bell’David Tobin, Jeff Meegan, Andrew Duncan

‘Liberty Bell’ is a spirited arrangement of Sousa's iconic military band march which transports its listener to the crowds of a grand parade.

stars and stripes forever album

4) ‘Jumble In The Kitchen’Drew Gonsalves, Campbell E Browning, Pablo Love, Ivan Duran

A vibrant calypso, ‘Jumble In The Kitchen’ is bursting with tropical guitars, drums and male vocals.

5) ‘Puzzler’Igor Dvorkin, Duncan Pittock, Ellie Kidd

Inquisitive rhythmic pizzicato strings build with playful woodwind and chamber orchestra in ‘Puzzler’.

puzzles and predicaments album

6) ‘Hunter’s Moon’Tom Peters, Greg McDonald

Brimming with rural charm, ‘Hunter’s Moon’ tells a mystical tale with sprightly flutes and joyful strings.

high spirits album artwork

7) ‘Boogie On Through The Night’James Taylor

Bold brass and funky female vocals come together in ‘Boogie On Through The night’, a track which transports you back to 1970s disco fever.

Boogie on through the night james taylor quartet

8) ‘Mayfair Mayhem’Martin Williams

Jaunty, mischievous and featuring a quirky solo contrabass saxophone, ‘Mayfair Mayhem’ is happy background music with old soul.

solo instrument series saxophone

9) ‘Boston Tea’Lincoln Grounds, Thomm Jutz

Perky ragtime march ‘Boston Tea’ is old-fashioned fun comprised of charming clarinets and country banjos.

mississippi jug band

10) ‘Smaplesic’Pete Davis

‘Smaplesic’ is an upward journey of bouncy synth grooves and driving beats, bursting with positivity.

11) ‘Joys Of Life’Patrick Hawes

‘Joys Of Life’ is fresh, fun and fancy-free, thanks to its bouncy classical strings and irresistible woodwinds.

Classical Innovations 2 album

12) ‘State Celebration’Paul Mottram

‘State Celebration’ is majestic with its regal orchestra that’s also bold and breezy.

affairs of the estate

Impressed? Well, that’s just a taster of the happy background music we keep in our catalogue. We have a whole host of other high-quality happy music tracks available on Audio Network, waiting to be discovered by you. Here's a few more to get you started:

13. ‘Make The Whole World Happy’ – David O’Brien: 'Make The Whole World Happy’ is powerfully-uplifting bouncy ska with an infectious male vocal.

14. ‘Realms Of Fantasy’ – Terry Devine-King: High-spirited from the get-go, ‘Realms of Fantasy’ is a feel-good fusion of chanting vocals and Afro Pop elements.

15. ‘Try Me On’ – Andy PowellLinda Roan: Animated pop with catchy hooks, hot horns and a sassy female vocal, ‘Try Me On’ is happy background music that’s guaranteed to steal the show.

Why Choose Audio Network?

Our entire collection of licensed tracks is pre-cleared across the globe and ready to be used on multiple platforms – from Youtube to TV broadcasts. We work with the best musicians and producers across the globe and record at the world’s most prestigious studios, including the one-and-only Abbey Road Studios. And if all of that wasn’t reason enough to choose Audio Network, our sales team is always happy to consult with our clients to offer bespoke creative solutions. What more could you possibly need?

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