What does cool background music mean to us? It means contemporary tracks with atmosphere; it means smooth solos and up-to-the-minute rhythms; it means music that everybody can agree on. Here at Audio Network, we like to split our sure-fire cool music background tracks into four clear categories: 'Stylish', 'Party' and 'Minimal'.

Stylish Background Music

Looking for some stylish cool background music? Well, look no further. We have a whole host of relaxed tracks oozing with sophistication and flair.

Type of video

Our stylish background music tracks are ideal for spicing-up any content focused on lifestyle. This includes projects in the realms of beauty, food, art and design. 

Here’s our top picks:

‘City Struttin' - Martin Felix Kaczmarski

‘Diamonds’ - George Georgia

‘Show Me How’ - Benjamin Thompson

Peruvian Promise’ - Sarah Ozelle

‘Tunnel Light’ - Jonathan Bradley

Our Top Composers

Looking for more? Explore a range of alternative stylish background music tracks by checking out these three composers – all of whom are pretty cool themselves.

Benedict Bartleet

Tom Boddy

Marc Jackson Burrows

Wanting to immerse yourself in more stylish tracks? Take a moment to browse our laid back page for a plethora of relaxed cool background tracks – from the tranquil sounds of R&B to the punchier rhythms of house. 

Party Background Music

If it's cool background music with a party vibe you’re searching for, as luck would have it, we've got those in abundance too. We're talking clubby, upbeat tracks that leave you with no other option than to let your hair down and soak in the experience.

Type of video

Party background music tracks are a must for travel vlogs, fashion shows and sports events (especially running and cycling). They’re also great for any films/shows set in the city, or even by the beach. Essentially, our party background music is diverse enough to be included in any type of content, as long as the vibe is upbeat. 

Our Top Tracks

‘Take A Walk’Per Ljungvist, George Nakas

‘Parkour Planets’Kelly Mac, Suat Akin Orbay

‘Above The Stars’ - Jeff Dale, Tim Reilly, James Scholes

‘Endorphin’ - Alex Arcoleo

‘You Know It's Time’ - Peo Haggstrom, Jamie Elder

Our Top Composers 

If none of the above satisfy your inner party animal, discover the work from some of the finest party composers on the planet: 

Paul Leary and Nait Masuku

Gareth Johnson

Paul Leary

And the party doesn't stop there! Explore everything from electro house to tropical house background music tracks right here on our page dedicated to all things house music.

Hip Hop & Rap Background Music

The soundtrack to the life of a go-getter, our hip hop and rap background music collection is brimming with jazzy beats and old-school rhythms. 

Type of video

This section features cool background music for games, DIY tutorials and health and fitness vlogs that aim to encourage and inspire. It’s hip hop and rap music for a modern-day audience who are looking to develop their skills, and their wellbeing.

Our Top Tracks

‘Artificial Love’ - Benjamin Thompson

Jazzy Jazz’ - Andy Cooper

‘Don't Do This’ - Jason Pedder, Douglas Brown

‘Fortune And Glory’ - William Davies, Dag Torgersbraten

‘Roll The Dice’ - Dave James

Our Top Composers

No one knows hip hop and rap music quite like Edward Nutbrown, Lawrence Insula and Tom Quick. Discover the work of these three legendary composers right here.

Edward Nutbrown

Lawrence Insula

Tom Quick

For those of you still looking to ride the hip hop and rap music wave, explore our Hip hop and R&B page for more cool music background tracks. 

Minimal Background Music

Finally, we look to our selection of minimal background music tracks that range from the dreamy to the mysterious. Cool background music tracks have never been more of a #mood. 

Type of video

Although our minimal background music tracks are versatile enough to fit into any type of project, we believe this category, in particular, is perfect for films of the tech and lifestyle kind. 

Our Top Tracks

‘Tensile Point’ - Noah Sorota

‘Inner Conflict’ - Bob Bradley, Paul Clarvis, Thomas Balmforth

‘Lost In Norway’ - Theo Travis

‘Ending’ - Nathan Feddo, Henry White

‘Beyond The Stars’ - David Edward Holden

Our Top Composers

See how some of our favourite composers interpret a cool, minimal music style by exploring their profiles below.

Joe Henson and Alexis Smith

Dan Skinner and Adam Skinner

Giovanni Antonio Parricelli

Still not settled on a minimal background music track? Take the time to scan our Bed & Underscores page for more ideas.

Why Choose Audio Network?

Our entire collection of cool background music tracks are licensed and pre-cleared across the globe, ready to be used on multiple platforms – from Youtube to TV broadcasts. Working with the best musicians and producers across the globe means that our music is always the highest quality – plus it’s recorded in a variety of acclaimed studios, including the legendary Abbey Road Studios. And our sophisticated search features mean that you can find whatever you need – from grime to classical favourites – at the click of a button.

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