Terms and Conditions

Participation in the trial promotion is subject to your acceptance of the following terms and conditions. Please do not download any music tracks if you do not accept them.

  • A gratis (free) synchronisation licence is automatically granted in respect of all tracks downloaded under the promotion for private sharing only.
  • Under the gratis licence, you can synchronise the tracks with picture to create a production for private edit and demo purposes only, and this may not be shared or broadcast publicly.
  • You cannot synchronise the tracks for any commercial purpose, such as television, company websites, YouTube (or other streaming platforms) films, trailers or advertising, nor can you sell your production.
  • You cannot give or sell the tracks to anyone else, or duplicate or distribute the unsynchronised (audio-only) music tracks in any way.
  • All tracks downloaded during trial must be licensed/purchased before used for sync in final production or project.
  • Music tracks are available to download at 96kbps mp3 compression. Music tracks are available to purchase at higher rate mp3 compression and full quality WAV/AIFF format.
  • A maximum of ten music tracks may be downloaded under the trial promotion, but there is no minimum. 
  • Audio Network reserves the right to limit the duration of the trial promotion to 28 days from your first download, and may withdraw the promotion at any time.
  • No public performance rights are granted in respect of your production.
  • You must register your details with Audio Network in order to access the tracks, but you can subsequently opt out of any communications.

If you have any additional questions regarding the terms of the trial promotion you can contact us by email to offers@audionetwork.com 

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