YouTube monetisation: FAQs


Find the answers to frequently asked questions about YouTube monetisation.

What is YouTube Content ID?

Content ID allows copyright owners to identify YouTube videos that include content that belongs to them. As a YouTube creator, it is important that you understand the permitted usage of music in your videos as this may affect the status of your uploaded content.

What does YouTube monetisation mean?

In short, this is how you can earn money from advertising based on the number of views your video gets.

YouTube has integrated this system into your YouTube account. To access this, simply open your YouTube channel homescreen and select ‘Video Manager’ from the menu. You should then see a submenu with the label ‘Monetization’.

Monetisation requires you to agree to YouTube's terms and conditions for advertising. Once you have agreed to these terms, you can allow ads to run alongside your videos and YouTube will share a portion of the ad revenue generated with you.

What is Google AdSense?

AdSense (or Google AdSense) is an advertising service managed by Google. It is designed for website publishers who want to display targeted text, video or image advertisements on website pages and earn money when site visitors view or click the ads. The video element is integrated into YouTube, which is why you may have heard about it in relation to monetisation. Learn more about it here.

Do I need to buy a licence to use your music on my YouTube videos?

Our Creator licence will cover most personal and non-commercial use. However, if you intend to monetise or make advertising revenue from your videos, you need to purchase a Creator + or Professional licence.

Does my Audio Network licence include ad-blocking?

A Creator licence will not remove ads from your videos. If you want to block third party ads or monetise your YouTube videos then you will need to purchase a Creator + or Professional licence.

Why am I seeing a claim notice on my YouTube account?

YouTube’s Content ID system automatically detects copyrighted material and serves a notice when it finds it. If you have the correct licence, you can use our YouTube monetisation code to clear this claim. Once you have entered your code, it can take up to 48 hours for your claim to clear.

For offline purchases please contact to clear your videos.

For more info on YouTube Content ID see our useful links section.

If you have purchased a Creator (previously Home & Student) and you do not intend to monetise your videos then no further action is required.

What is a YouTube monetisation code?

Our YouTube monetisation code is required to clear YouTube copyright claims that occur when you use Audio Network music in your videos but we have developed this code to speed up the process for you.

How do I use my YouTube monetisation code?

Follow these instructions to clear your video using the monetisation code:

  1. In Video Manager, select Copyright Notices.
  2. Underneath your video, click the link that says Includes copyrighted content
  3. Click File a Dispute and then select I have a license or permission from the proper rights holder to use this material.
  4. After confirming you wish to dispute, place your code in the Reason for Dispute box
  5. Your video will be cleared within 48 hours

Where is my YouTube monetisation code?

The code is a four word code and can be found in the following places:

  • Order confirmation page
  • Confirmation email

Codes related to previous purchases can be found under Account > Orders

Some useful links for YouTube Creators

We have compiled a list of links to some trusted resources that you may find helpful:


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