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'Vlog music' is such a generic term because, ultimately, the type of music you choose depends on the kind of video you're creating. Hence, we've sectioned our vlog music into seven distinct categories to help you find a track with ease. We know... we're too good to you. 

Vlog background music types

From prank vlogs to beauty vlogs, fitness vlogs to gamer vlogs, the internet is awash with different types of videos that educate, entertain and inspire. Find a selection of appropriate tracks for each type of vlog, below. 

Reviews Vlog Music

We all love a review vlog – especially those that involve an unboxing – but, the question is, what kind of music do you edit into one? Well, it has to be something that keeps the viewers engaged during those show-them-what-they-came-here-for scenes, but it also has to be something that doesn't distract from the product – or movie or book - you're reviewing. So, here are the upbeat songs for vlogs we're suggesting as a happy middle ground.

‘I Hope’William Davies

‘Kiana’Tom Boddy

‘Kind Hearts’David Edward Holden

Pranks Vlog Music 

A prank vlog calls for a very specific type of music piece that complements the main attraction. It needs to be novel; it needs to be mischievous and, last but not least, it needs to be comedic. Naturally, we've selected three happy vlog music tracks that tick each of these boxes. 

‘Silly Sausage’Jody Jenkins

‘Toodle Pip’Sam Wedgwood

‘Get Moving’Philip Guyler

Travel Vlog Music

A travel vlog's purpose is to open the viewer's eyes to the awe-inspiring beauty of the world ­– to rouse the travel bug inside of the individual. Therefore, a travel vlog's soundtrack needs to transport the viewer to destinations across the world. Find travel vlog music inspired by the four corners of the world, here. 

‘New Explorations’George Georgia

‘Spanish Nights’Richard Kimmings, Lincoln Grounds, Douglas Brown

‘Sun Chime’Gavin Harrison

Beauty, Fashion and Fitness Vlog Music

For the content creators hoping to influence the way others look and feel – AKA the beauty, fashion and fitness vloggers – we have a whole host of background music tracks to aid your content. Here are just three to help you get started.

‘Vibrant Temple’Martin Felix Kaczmarski

‘Stronger Together’Per Ljungqvist, George Nakas

‘Life Of Luxury’ Bob Bradley, Chris Egan

Lifestyle Vlog Music

From home interior tours to wholesome food tutorials, some of the most popular videos available on the web are lifestyle-centric vlogs. Make sure yours stands out with one of our vlog background music tracks. 

‘Trex Arms’Lucas Cantor and MB Gordy

‘Metro’Alex Arcoleo

‘Yes Baby’Marc Jackson Burrows

Gamer Vlog Music

Looking to score a winner with your latest gamer vlog? The key is to add a touch of captivating music (extra points if it’s aptly electronic). Immerse yourself in our carefully-collated pick of Youtube vlog background tracks below.

‘Winning In The End’Matt Hill

‘Wobble Complextro’John 00 Fleming

‘Shadow Theory’ Tom Boddy

Pop Culture Vlog Music

When we think of pop culture, we think of all of the things we love – from Marvel's Cinematic Universe to Game of Thrones or Netflix’s Tiger King. Therefore, a pop culture vlog needs to incorporate tracks that are zestful and versatile. Fortunately, we have a range of upbeat songs for vlogs stored safely in our virtual catalogue. 

‘Latino Beats’Bob Bradley, Andrew Griffiths

‘Bay Laurel’Mathieu Rosenzweig, Benjamin Nakache, Campbell E Browning, Pablo Love

‘Golden Coasts’Paddy Conn

Why pick a track from Audio Network?

Audio Network makes things hassle-free by providing vloggers with high-quality, licensed tracks that they can simply add to their latest masterpiece. By purchasing music from us, you can rest assured knowing that your vlog is free of any legal restrictions, as our tracks are pre-cleared for use on any – and we mean ANY – platform across the world. Find whatever you need from our catalogue of 175,000 tracks, from ambient to grime, electronic to classical favourites, to suit any style, mood or genre.

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