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There’s something inspiring about the sounds of upbeat music, it motivates and encourages us to enjoy the moment we’re living in. So, no matter if you’re a vlogger looking to give your latest project a touch of pizzazz, or you’re a television producer looking to bring your new series to life, we’ve got the perfect upbeat background music to grab your audience’s attention. Check out 15 of the many (by many, we mean thousands) of upbeat tracks from our catalogue. 

  1. ‘Vesta Tilley’Jessica Dannheisser | Lively and quirky, ‘Vesta Tilley’ is exemplary background music, which slowly builds with sporadic solos, intricate woodwinds and tuned percussion. 
  2. ‘The Goof’Jody Jenkins | ‘The Goof’ is zany swing bursting with character thanks to its chirpy whistling and dominant brass sounds. Perfect upbeat background music for videos – especially those of the humorous kind. 
  3. ‘Life Gives Way’Alex Kovacs | Before it hits its big, cinematic ending, Alex Kovacs’ ‘Life Gives Way’ is spritely, fairy-like and magical.
  4. ‘Everybody Feeling Fine’David Tobin, Jeff Meegan, Andrew Duncan | A two-minute soca party of upbeat guitars, horns and male vocals, ‘Everybody Feeling Fine’ is upbeat background music that does exactly what it says on the tin. 
  5. ‘Frolics’ Igor Dvorkin, Duncan Pittock, Ellie Kidd | Featuring zippy strings and peppy woodwinds, ‘Frolics’ is confidently mischievous with its comedy ballet feel.
  6. ‘Seven A Side’Tom Peters, Greg McDonald | Folk jazz has never been so exuberant! ‘Seven A Side’ is a jazz piece comprised of intricate rhythms, bringing to mind celebrations set in a village far, far away. 
  7. ‘Mighty Ska’Kevin Browne, David O’Brien | Upbeat background music that demands attention: ‘Mighty Ska’ is bouncy, energetic and extremely playful. 
  8. ‘Feel Alright’Dan Skinner, Adam Skinner, Jon Allen | Funky and soulful, Feel Alright is a classic love song (with strong 1960s vibes) dominated by a smooth, male vocal.
  9. ‘Bourbon Street Stomp’Lincoln Grounds, Thomm Jutz | Be transported to New Orleans with ‘Bourbon Street Stomp’: a grooving track of claps, clarinets and marching brass. A bold choice of upbeat background music for videos.
  10. ‘Dream Of Flight’David Edward Holden | A wholesome orchestral romp with cutesy glockenspiel, strings & light percussion this track has the power to make you feel weightless and free. 
  11. ‘Fantasy Palace’Terry Devine-King | ‘Fantasy Palace’ is a combination of uplifting vocal chants, bright piano and driving strings. The perfect choice if you’re looking for otherworldly, mystical and triumphant upbeat background music. 
  12. ‘Swift Exit’Keith Beauvais | It’s frantic gypsy jazz over a galloping rhythm. It’s Keith Beauvais’ cartoonish ‘Swift Exit’.
  13. ‘Podium Dreams’Jody Jenkins | Combine Japanese instruments with an uplifting choir, and you get ‘Podium Dreams’, a dazzling upbeat background music track created with an uptempo orchestra. 
  14. ‘Seven Days In The Country’Joe Kraemer | Sunny and joyful, ‘Seven Days In The Country’ is upbeat background music that stars an elegant string orchestra and a bright, perky piano. 
  15. ‘A Tour Of Technopolis’Andrew Skeet, Nathan Klein | Get ready to explore with ‘A Tour Of Technopolis’, a positive orchestra of constant rhythm and movement that catapults you straight into the future. 

This is just a small portion of our upbeat background music for videos that we store in our virtual catalogue. But perhaps it isn’t upbeat background music you’re looking for – perhaps it’s high-quality happy music tracks that you really longing for? No problem, we have a page specially dedicated to happy background music too!

Why Choose Audio Network?

Our entire collection of licensed tracks is pre-cleared across the globe and ready to be used on multiple platforms – from Youtube to TV broadcasts. We work with the best musicians and producers across the globe and record at the world’s most prestigious studios, including the iconic Abbey Road Studios. And if all of that wasn’t reason enough to choose Audio Network, our sales team is always happy to consult with our clients to offer bespoke creative solutions.

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