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Set your adventures apart from the rest with our background music for travel videos. The right soundtrack can turn any ordinary video into a film that is a one-of-a-kind experience. Whether you’re a solo backpacker cruising through exotic locales like India, Indonesia, Laos, and Thailand or a luxury traveller jet-setting around Milan, Monaco, and Manhattan, we have the best songs for travel videos.

By plane, train, or automobile (and all the transport options in between), bring your audience on the journey with you, with our collection of wanderlust-worthy tracks. No matter if you’re filming content on your phone, from high above with a drone, or you’re equipped with a full video setup, our extensive range of background music for travel videos is available for all types of media.

Here are a few of our holiday background music favourites for elevating your travel videos. Your audience will want to grab their passport, jump on the next flight, and embark on all kinds of journeys near and far!

Background Music For Your City Break Videos

Reykjavik, Marrakech, Barcelona, and Berlin… whichever city is on your travel agenda, make the moments last long after your flight back home. Wandering along the sun-dusted steps of Athens, jumping into the Baltic Sea after an afternoon in the sauna placed on the outskirts of Helsinki, or dancing your way through the Marais district in Paris, there are so many beautiful moments to capture during your urban adventures. Discover the best songs for travel videos to accompany all your city getaways.

Here are some of our favourite city break soundtracks:

‘Good Thing’Josh Oliver, Edward Hogston

‘Nearly Ten Years’Hardress Lloyd

‘A Promise Kept’Luke Richards

‘Now That I Know You’Noemia Alves, Henry White, Nathan Feddo

‘Would You Like’Per Ljungqvist, George Nakas, Tilly Osterholm taken from the album Scandi Pop Part 2


Team your beach adventures with our music for travel videos to really make a splash. From the Maldives and Maui to Bermuda and Bali, these far-flung getaways are beckoning for a selection of laidback background music to accompany all the feel-good summer vibes. Take your audience to paradise with the best songs for travel videos whether you’re at the beach, sailing on a yacht, or diving to the depths below the surface.

‘Ocean’Marc Jackson Burrows

‘Soar’Paddy Conn which features on the album Daydreamer

‘Move Your Feet’ Bob Bradley, Matt Sanchez, Steve Dymond

‘Cumbia Urbana’Juan Carlos Rodriguez, Orlando Felice Rodriguez Di Pietro

‘Freaky’Marc Jackson Burrows, Kemar Shirley

Action & Adventure

Fuel your adrenaline with action background music for travel videos when you’re all about action and adventure. Climbing the Dolomites, hiking through Georgia’s Caucasus mountains, windsurfing off the coast of South Africa, your out-of-the-box experiences deserve a soundtrack of epic proportions.

Kick-start the action with these tracks:

‘Persisting’George Georgia

‘Evil Eyes’Gavin Burrough, Kyle Smith

‘Know No Fear’Benjamin Thompson featured on the Anthemic Hip Hop album

‘Killin’ The Game’William Davies, Dag Torgersbraten, Tajh Abdulsamad, Lee Francis

‘You Better Raise Your Game’Andy Cooper, Joshua Alan Barlow

Sports Background Music

From group sports to conquering personal bests, we have the best songs for sport videos for when you’re capturing the big win. There are thousands of sports background music tracks with lots of fast-paced and energetic songs to build up the anticipation and excitement.

Step up to the plate with your choice of:

‘Big Hitter’Neil Sidwell, Keith Beauvais

‘Endorphin’Alex Arcoleo

‘Bloodlust’Chris Blackwell

‘Bully Boy’Cahir O’Doherty taken from the album The Goons

‘The Grandstand’William Davies

Passport, ticket, new horizons...

Wondering how to choose the right song for your travel videos? When picking songs for your travel content you want to match the music to the backdrop of your destination. Upbeat and cheerful tracks are ideal for your beach travel footage, while action-packed anthems are better suited for sports and adventure. If you want to really tap into the local vibe of your travel destination, we also have a collection of hand-picked international tracks by specific country.

Explore our selection of tracks from:






What Are Music Copyrights?

Sourcing and procuring the rights to songs produced directly by a musician, DJ, or composer is both complex and time-consuming. Usage agreements are loaded with lots of intimidating language and there are many caveats for exactly when, how, and where you use their music for your travel videos.

Our catalogue features all the best songs for travel videos and finding tracks for your production is effortless. Whether you’re looking to add melodic beats, ambient electronica, or laid-back percussion grooves to your content, it’s easy to source a song, add it to your film, license and publish.

Choose Audio Network For All Your Travel Video Music

Not only do we offer one of the largest music catalogues online, we also work with the industry’s leading musicians and composers to provide the best songs for travel videos. There’s no need to worry about music copyrights and added costs. Our extensive collection features over 175,000 tracks across every musical genre, style, setting, mood and emotion.

Sample any song, download one or many tracks in a single go, and create your travel soundtrack in an instant. This royalty-free music is ideal for any type of travel video, plus it’s pre-cleared for worldwide and multi-platform use.

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