a worms eye view of multiple city sky scrapers

Corporate videos have become increasingly important, because, as one HubSpot study found, 87% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand or business they support.

Need instant inspiration for your corporate video songs? Why not try out one of our top ten picks to make your video content stand out:

'Defining Moment' - Chris Bussey, Craig BusseyMichael Edward Mclafferty

'Exuma' - Martin Felix KaczmarskiAlex Arcoleo

'Futura World' - Terry Devine King

'Never Giving Up' - Tristan Ivemy

'A Friend Indeed' - Matt Nasir

'Three Strikes' - William Davies

'Blunted' - George Georgia

'Light Trails' - David O'Brien

'Binary Code' - Philip Guyler

'You Know It's Time' - Peo Haggstrom, Jamie Elder

 In Wyzowl’s annual State of Video Marketing Survey, when asked how they’d prefer to learn about new products or services, 68% of consumers said a short video would be best.

a worms eye view of multiple city sky scrapers

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So, expertly-produced, attention-grabbing video is a must for your business. Whether you’re creating a brand video, ‘explainer’ video, company presentation, promotional video, staff training video, or an advert, you’re representing your company, for customers or internally. Once you’ve decided on a style and put together the visuals, what other vital element do you need to set the mood, create engagement and make it both professional and memorable? A soundtrack.

Here’s our expert guide to choosing and using  corporate video music.

How do you choose the best background music for presentations?

  • The most important decision to make is whether you want the music to really drive your presentation, and be more in the foreground, or just to enhance it in a subtle way
  • This will help you to choose which genre of music to use – from exciting and action-packed, such as a heavy rock track, to slower or more ambient, such as electronic music or a classical piece
  • Also bear in mind that you need to match the art style of your video to the style of the music you’re using; are the two working harmoniously to deliver your message?
  • Try varying the pace of the music within your video – and whether it’s more in the foreground or the background – to highlight specific points and emotions

Start your search with our corporate background music, or look for specific moods, such as inspiring music, tracks with plenty of power and energy, or perhaps you need something reflective?

How to get background music for corporate videos or slideshows

Now you’ve decided whether you need soft background music, or a track that’s got more drive to it, what are your options?

Professional background music for presentations

If you’re looking to step up in terms of the music for your corporate videos or Powerpoint presentations, a music library gives you far greater options in terms of unique tracks, edits and quality. Libraries have different licensing agreements and price points available, depending on what projects you’re using the music for.

With 87% of marketers using YouTube, it’s important that you don’t fall foul of YouTube’s Content ID system. This detects uploads of music protected by copyright. If they find that you’ve misused music without a licence, your video can be blocked or taken down.

Using music from a catalogue such as Audio Network’s has the advantage that if you’re posting your video on YouTube, all the licensing is already cleared for use.

How to license music for corporate videos

Audio Network’s search tools enable you to filter based on musical style, mood or emotion, instrumentation, genres such as action or comedy and even by bpm. We hand-pick playlists every month, which can help you to find the best background music for your presentation.

Corporate video music

We’ve picked some of what we think are the strongest combinations of background music with visuals for corporate presentations.

The Contra agency was tasked with showing the beauty and impact of Honda’s production line. The sound-design and pumping music work brilliantly to reinforce the fast edits that take the viewer at speed behind the scenes around one of Honda’s largest manufacturing hubs.

Looking for similarly impactful music? Check out our Maximum Impact collection:


Mencap’s animated promo by 3angrymen features an uplifting track to go with its positive message of #Dontmissout

Slack Teams’ witty TV commercial has been viewed nearly 16 million times on YouTube. Its expert blend of CGI animal office workers and quirky soundtrack make for a really fun ad.


For animal-themed music, our Classical Collection features Saint-Saens’ Carnival of the Animals, with expert edits and cut-downs tailored for music supervisors.

Find out more about our services, licences and music for branded content:

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