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We have background music for radio producers. We repeatwe have background music for radio producers.

It’s time to turn up the volume by adding an atmospheric music track to your radio show. We’re talking the kind of chilled beats, contemporary rhythms and fetching flows that’ll keep your audience tuned in and wanting more.

Radio Production Music Tracks

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We’ve got high-quality, licensed music tracks for every type of show; tracks we can’t wait to hear incorporated into your broadcast. So, what are you waiting for? Find a radio production music track for you by browsing our five themes below.

1 ) Beds and Underscores

Like two star-crossed lovers, music and radio have an unbreakable connection. So, when it comes to defining the mood of your radio show, it’s essential that you carefully consider the beds and underscores of its foundations.

Here are our top five:

  1. ‘Sun Chime’Gavin Harrison | Uplifting ambient electronica with arpeggiated synths and dreamy textures builds with driving beats.
  2. ‘Parallax’Noah Sorota |  Mysterious drone textures and an ambiguous piano melody build to a hopeful soundscape with pulsing percussion bed.
  3. ‘Tropic Tide’ Andy Chandler, Christopher James Corrigan | Progressive and melancholy textural electronic chills with a driving percussive beat and atmospheric synths.
  4. ‘Neon Feels’Martin Felix Kaczmarski, Alex Arcoleo | Uplifting, modern synths build with steel pans, vocal FX and big drums.
  5. ‘Show Me How’Benjamin Thompson | Laid back light hip-hop beats with melodic R&B style synths, trap drums and clicks.

2) Drama

All clued-up creatives know that music is the key to building suspense in drama. So, let music do the talking in your radio show by utilizing one of our pre-cleared, radio stock music tracks (which, FYI, are all particularly good ‘scene changes’ tracks too).

Here are our top five:

  1. ‘Timescape’Paul Mottram | Dark atmospheric strings evolve over fast moving figures.
  2. ‘Final Hurdle’Chris Blackwell | An inspiring indie anthem with a long pensive build into guitar-led euphoria.
  3. ‘Turbulent Seas 4’Ian Hughes | Looking for a cinematic, orchestral, nautical saga? This takes you from heroism to tension.
  4. ‘It’s Alive’David Tobin, Jeff Meegan | A pulsating heartbeat over an unworldly rising metallic soundscape.
  5. ‘Tense Motion’John DeFaria | Dramatic hits transition into a tense, dreamy groove.

3) News and Current Affairs

News and current affairs radio shows can often be sombre; therefore a music track is vital to keep things ticking over. Whether you’re searching for a track for a weather forecast or a traffic bulletin, a track for your business news section or an alert beat for breaking news, you’ll find it here.

Here are our top five:

  1. ‘Perfect Stranger’Sam Wedgwood | Positive, with earnest marimba, piano and strings, this track builds throughout.
  2. ‘Fiberglass’Igor Dvorkin, Duncan Pittock, Ellie Kidd | Gentle, busy arpeggios rise over dreamy pads and electronics.
  3. ‘Reward 7’Chris Blackwell | An uplifting, building, positive mood, with bells and orchestral effects.
  4. ‘Dial Out’Philip Guyler |Glitchy electronic atmosphere building with synth hook.
  5. ‘City Life’Jeff Lardner, Mark Allaway | A bright, bustling piano riff over grooving drums, tambourine and shaker.

4) Showbiz and Gameshows

Jazz up your showbiz and entertainment show with a radio stock music track from our extensive catalogue. We’ve got quintessential music for quizzes, stage tunes to enliven your gameshows and much, much more.

Here are our top five: 

  1. ‘Caged’William Davies | Tense driving African percussion featuring bongos, djembe and cajon.
  2. ‘Moment of Truth’Bob Bradley, Thomas Balmforth | Tense, moody synth intro leads to urgent, spiky strings and a ticking clock.
  3. ‘Kiana’Tom Boddy | Upbeat organic electronic chill with mellow guitar riffs, a vocal synth hook and percussion beats.
  4. 'London Beat‘ – George Georgia | Swaggering hip hop beats with horn hooks, DJ scratching and Hammond.
  5. ‘So Deep’Peter Peters, Jamie Elder | Twisted electro pop with pitched up vocal FX, stuttering synths, arpeggiated chords and rhythmic synth drops.

5) Sport

Get your audience’s head’s in the game with the addition of a hearty track to your sports-focused radio show. Think sports chants and stings, intense, percussion-led songs and up-beat rhythms that’ll transport listeners to the stadium.

Here are our top five:

  1. ‘Alpine Drip’Lawrence Insula | Dramatic trap with processed harp arpeggio, vocal FX, crunchy synths, hard hitting drums and big brass stabs.
  2. ‘Aggressive Tendencies’ John 00 Fleming | Dark driving techno with pounding beats, aggressive synths and a euphoric breakdown.
  3. ‘Apocalypse 2’Chris Blackwell |Powerful drums and percussion over dark pads.
  4. ‘Intruder 4’Duncan Pittock | Sinister drones with ominously building drums.
  5. ‘Celebrate The Game’Tom Peters, Greg McDonald | Lively, feel-good fusion of indie with samba percussion and crowd FX.

Radio Stock Music

Purchasing radio stock music with Audio Network is purchasing peace of mind. Each of our high-quality, downloadable tracks is pre-cleared and licensed everywhere across the globe, which means you can rest assured knowing that your radio background music is free of any legal restrictions.


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