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The Best Background Music For PowerPoint

Play high-quality songs across multiple slides with our background music for PowerPoint. Attract the attention of your audience with a song that sets the tone of the meeting and helps deliver the right results. Whether you’re looking to inspire a just-hired associate, build anticipation for an exciting launch, or pitch a new client, we have an extensive library of PowerPoint background music perfect for your needs. 

If you’re looking to add transition music between slides or play sound loops for a special effect, we have thousands of tracks in our catalogue. Play any song, download a track from our PowerPoint background music, and add it to your presentation instantly. Produced by some of the best composers and musicians in the world, our extensive catalogue features over 175,000 songs across every musical genre.

From the boardroom to regional sales conferences, make an impact with our Anthemic PowerPoint background music.  There’s a sound and style for all types of meetings and presentations.

Kick-start your creativity with these tracks:

We Are the Future by Paddy Conn on the album Daydreamer

Take A Walk by Per Ljungqvist and George Nakas

Dance Of The Foo Dog by Marc Jackson Burrows and Michael Tedstone

A Champion Spirit by Pete Masitti and John Andrew Barrow

Look To The Stars by Luke Richards

Set the tone with one of our Training & Information tracks. This music for PowerPoint backgrounds features all types of instruments and beats, such as acoustic guitars, cinematic electronica and piano arpeggio, among many others.

Here’s our selection of top training and information tracks: 

Digital Nomad’ by Paul Ressel and Sue Verran

‘Moving Up’Benjamin Thompson

‘Bulldog’Pete Davis (from the album Radar Decay)

‘Opening The Door’David Edward Holden

‘New Ideal’Alex Arcoleo

Build excitement and engagement with one of our Launch tracks. This background music for PowerPoint is all about enticing your audience with strong sounds such as big brass themes, emotional piano vibes, and catchy electro beats.

‘Sky Diving’Guy Farley, Andrew Carroll

‘Winning And Losing’William Davies

‘Miracles’Tom Peters, Lorenzo De Feo featured on the album Moments Of Glory

‘Chase The Dream’David Kelly

‘High Flyer’Dave James, Keith Beauvais

Create the perfect hook with our Communications background music for PowerPoint. Pulsing and positive, this range of songs features the emotional and uplifting vibes to help pull in your patrons.

Check out:

‘Albedo’Philip Guyler

‘Connect The Dots’Alex Kovacs

‘Compass’Chris Bussey, Craig Bussey, Matthew Bourne

‘Silent City’Barrie Gledden from the album Modular Zones

‘Perpetuo’Jody Jenkins

Synchronise the music with your presentation in perfect harmony with our Light Industrial tracks. These entrancing songs will blend together with your slides to create the best soundtracks for your music PowerPoint background.

These are great choices:

‘Blind Man’s Bluff’Sam Wedgwood

‘Free Gliding’Christopher Baron

‘So Much To Do’Paul Mottram

‘Hand Me Another’Paul Ressel, Nicole Marie Bettencourt Coelho

‘You Need This’Kes Loy from the Electro Corporation album

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