Animation Background Music For All Your Creative Videos

Whether you’re creating cartoons, games, interactive tutorial videos, or plenty of productions in between, we have a perfect song for your creative project. Created by the best composers and musicians across the globe, our exclusive range of animation background music features every musical genre, style, setting, mood and emotion, and more. 

Sample any song, download a track to license from our catalogue of background music for animation, and add to your digital video in minutes. Our Bright and Optimistic selection of songs are the perfect soundtrack for production edits, school tutorials, whiteboard content, campaign videos, promo reels, and more.

Be inspired by:

‘Golden Summer’Igor Dvorkin, Duncan Pittock, Ellie Kidd from the album Tenter Hooks

‘High Spirits’Tom Peters, Greg McDonald

‘Golden Coasts’Paddy Conn

Help your audience take flight with our range of Dream songs. Our animation background music features all the right vibes to create the perfect mood. We have an extensive library of background music for animation featuring deep beats, uplifting keyboard melodies, and optimistic soundscapes.

‘Venus, Bringer of Peace’David Tobin, Jeff Meegan, Julian Gallant, Rob Kelly from the classical album The Planets

‘Ambience’Bob Bradley, Paul Clarvis, Thomas Balmforth

‘Inner Dystopia’Jody Jenkins

Talking of dreams, we worked with the team behind animated short Sitara, whose tagline is ‘let girls dream’, to create its background music. Oscar-winning director Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy’s film tells the story of a young Pakistani girl, Pari, who dreams of becoming a pilot. As the film has no dialogue, the music must tell the story, alongside the animation.

Sharmeen worked with Grammy-winning composer Laura Karpman, who brought in Evelyn Glennie as a musical collaborator to create a soundtrack which would let Pari’s dreams take flight.

Find out more about the project:

Sure to bring on all the smiles, our Happy selection of background music for animation is an ideal partner for cartoons, training videos, promo reels, and so much more. The celebratory marches of melodies and upbeat rhythms will help build the energy for your project. There’s plenty of choice, with thousands of tracks featured in our animation background music catalogue.

Get happy with these top tracks:

‘High Spirits’Tom Peters, Greg McDonald taken from the album High Spirits

‘Pretty English Scene’Skaila Kanga

‘Memphis Or Bust’Lincoln Grounds, Thomm Jutz

Want to reduce your audience into fits of giggles? Search our Funny animation background music. Featuring vintage vibes, New Orleans jazz influences, cheerful whistling, and so much more, it’s easy to build a soundtrack for your project with our catalogue of background music for animation.

‘Artful Trickster’Bruce Aronson taken from the Artful Trickster album

‘Swift Exit’Keith Beauvais

‘Down Low’Neil Sidwell

Bring on jubilant and joyous vibes with our range of Celebration animation background music. Worthy of a parade or street party, our selection of lively arrangements of classic military march music and bustling folk jazz will amplify any of your digital projects. Explore our background music for animation and discover all of our songs that will lift the spirits and instantly transport your audience to a far-flung destination with everything from calypso and Punjabi vocals to ragtime instrumentals and more.

Kick up your heels in style with our hand-picked tracks:

‘Smaplesic’Pete Davis from the album Radar Decay

‘Hoping For Victory’Pete Masitti, John Andrew Barrow

‘Rocket Launch’George Georgia, Linden Jay Berelowitz

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