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Us industry insiders know that background music has the power to make or break your content. It's the fundamental ingredient that sets the mood, keeps the audience engaged and aids the narrative flow. Plus, it makes the project feel complete, professional and memorable.

In short: any polished piece of content will feature some form of good background music.

Here we bring background music to the fore, to explore how it can elevate your content. 

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How to choose the best background music

What role is your music playing?

First, you must decide if your background music track is supporting your content or driving it. Do you need intense music that keeps things thrilling or music that's more ambient? If the music is supposed to be in the background, but the viewer notices it too much, it could distract the viewer from the content or message you're trying to convey.

What mood is your music creating?

For heartfelt emotion, you may select a classical, string-led piece; action requires an upbeat track to keep the audience on the edge of their seat; feel-good moments are best paired with happy compositions, and humorous moments with funny background music tracks created with trumpets and whistles.

What's your budget?

If you're going to need a lot of background music for commercial use, it may be worth looking into a music library where you can discover and sample thousands of tracks before settling on the one for you. Each of our background sound tracks is individually priced, saving you money on any licensing fees and subscription services.

Explore our different licensing options.

The benefits of using Audio Network

Although it may be tempting to opt for free background music tracks to complement your content, there are several reasons why you're better off considering Audio Network's catalogue for commercial use and personal projects.

  • The best composers across the globe produce our high-quality music.
  • Each track is pre-cleared and licensed for use anywhere in the world.
  • Our exceptional, expansive catalogue is jam-packed with over 175,000 tracks to choose from.
  • Audio Network's search tools enable you to filter based on musical style, mood or emotion, instrumentation, genres such as action, comedy, horror and documentary and even by bpm.

Here's a selection of our favourite background music tracks from our extensive catalogue:

'Cosmic Ocrean' by Barrie Gledden and Daniel Goldman

'Anode' by Noah Sorota 

'Narrow Escape' by Bob Bradley and Thomas Balmforth

'My Mistake' by Jason Rebello

'New Perspectives' by David Kelly

Background Music for Video

When creating a film, TV show, vlog or video commercial, it's important to consider the background sound you're going to use carefully. Why? Because music has the power to completely switch-up a scene's mood. Think about it: add an upbeat music track to a moment of tragedy and it becomes comical. Or, add a romantic background track to a simple scene of two beings together (whether that's two people, two dogs or two seagulls) and it connotes a mutual love.

Read our hints on more about background music for video.

Top and tail your content

Here at Audio Network we're encouraging creatives to use music to 'top and tail' their content.

If you feature music more heavily at the beginning and end, it can help to set the tone at the start and provide a refined finish. And don't forget that you can bring the music more to the foreground at specific points if you need to divide the video into segments, or amp up the emotion.

Intro Background Music

Nothing captures people's attention quite like a gripping composition. Add a piece of intro background music to your next project to seduce your target audience into watching/listening.

Outro Background Music

Wrap things up with an outro background music track to neatly conclude your content. Outro background music should represent the overarching themes of your work, as it's your final chance to make a lasting impression. 

Bookend Background Music

A form of intro and outro music, bookend background music is a snippet of music that typically lasts a few seconds. Primarily used in vlogs, podcasts and radio shows, the music acts as a definitive starting and finishing point to your content.

Types of background music

Epic Background Music

Music can be the ideal way to create an epic feel – whether it's for a nature documentary or blockbuster movie.

Romantic Background Music

Without music, there would be no romance; so, when telling a love story, romantic background music is a component to consider carefully.

Sad Background Music

Life isn't always sunshine and rainbows, and it's essential to create content that reflects that. Sometimes, we need to embrace and explore the sombre elements of the world, and sad background soundtracks can help us do that.

Dramatic Background Music

Drama is heightened when music is added into the mix, no matter if it comes in the form of a film, TV series, vlog, podcast or radio show.

For whatever kind of background music you need, explore more background music genres.

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