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Shuba Banthuvaraali - 1 mixes

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    Shuba Banthuvaraali 1458/17 Manickam Yogeswaran (PRS)
    Traditional Indian raga for the 'sad' emotion. Voice over tambura drone
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    • Tempo NotesSlow : Drone on C
    • ISRCGB-FFM-09-45817
    • PublisherAudio Network Limited
    • Release Year2009
    FactoidThe scales used in traditional India Ragas adhere to strict convention. Each time of day and emotion has a specific scale that can be improvised around, but must remain harmonically accurate.
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    Bhilahari 1458/9 1 mixes Manickam Yogeswaran (PRS)
    Traditional, soulful, 'Morning' raga featuring male voice, tambura & tabla
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    Himalaya 1109/4 8 mixes David O'Brien (PRS)
    Dreamy Indian flute over slow, wistful guitar & tabla
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