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Procession Blues - 1 mixes

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    Procession Blues 1089/9 Jeremy Sherman (PRS)
    Slow, rough, New Orleans, gospel blues
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    • Tempo NotesSlow
    • ISRCGB-FFM-04-08909
    • PublisherAudio Network Limited
    • Release Year2004
    FactoidMiles Davies once said, "Don't play what's there, play what's not there"
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    Church Street Blues 1842/4 5 mixes Jeremy Sherman (PRS)
    Plodding, 1930s New Orleans street jazz with a funeral procession feel
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    Too Stupid For New York 1885/7 10 mixes Randall Breneman (PRS) | Lincoln Grounds (PRS)
    Bouncy New Orleans country fusion with pro southern humour, piano & dobro
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    White Gospel 1372/5 4 mixes Gerard Presencer (PRS) | Jim Watson (PRS)
    Laid back trumpet with gospel organ & heavenly harp
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