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Polish Waltz - 1 mixes

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    Polish Waltz 1016/4 Paul Mottram (PRS)
    Sprightly piano trio (piano, cello and violin) Viennese waltz with a Slavic flavour
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    • Tempo NotesFast : slight accelerando in last 6 bars
    • ISRCGB-FFM-02-01604
    • PublisherAudio Network Limited
    • Release Year2002
    FactoidThe last time the composer wrote a waltz he was aged 11!
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    Crumpet And Croquet 1545/3 5 mixes Paul Mottram (PRS)
    Breezy violin & cello with bright piano. Afternoon tea & tiffin between the wars
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    High Society Waltz 1545/5 6 mixes Paul Mottram (PRS)
    Polite & gentle piano with violin & cello
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    Last Waltz 1001/60 2 mixes Ian Hughes (PRS)
    Bright, courtly waltz. Chamber orchestra
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    Memory Waltz 1001/58 2 mixes Ian Hughes (PRS)
    Polite, courtly chamber orchestral waltz
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