Track Details

Ngawang - 1 mixes

  • Key Bb/A# (ends in Bb/A#)
  • Metre N/A
  • Tempo 63 bpm (ends at 63)
  • Tempo Notes Slow
  • Album Number 1525/7
  • ISRC GB-FFM-10-52507
  • Publisher Audio Network Limited
  • Release Year 2010
Factoid Ngawang Sangdrol (born in Lhasa, Tibet, in 1977) is a former political prisoner, imprisoned by the Government of the People's Republic of China, for peacefully demonstrating against the Chinese occupation of Tibet in 1992 - also - Ngawang Gyaltsen is serving a 17 year sentence (due for release in 2006). In 1987, he was one of 21 monks from Drepung Monastery who staged the first and most significant pro-independence demonstration in Lhasa, setting in motion the modern wave of political protest in Tibet

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