Track Details

Hector The Hero - 1 mixes

  • Key Bb/A# (ends in Bb/A#)
  • Metre 3/4
  • Tempo 106 bpm (ends at 106)
  • Tempo Notes Medium
  • Album Number 1064/18
  • ISRC GB-FFM-03-06418
  • Publisher Audio Network Limited
  • Release Year 2003
Factoid Hector Macdonald, a crofter's son, began his military career as a private in the British army, and later became a Major General. Hector Macdonald fought in the Afghan war and both Boer wars. Distinguished himself when he saved the British army from total destruction at the Battle of Omdurman. Committed suicide after unproven allegations of homo sexuality. Also recorded by Mike Oldfield

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