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Gladsome Christmas - 1 mixes

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    Gladsome Christmas 1290/3 Tim Renwick (PRS)
    Cheerful, upbeat, folky Christmassy rock
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    • Tempo NotesFast
    • ISRCGB-FFM-08-29003
    • PublisherAudio Network Limited
    • Release Year2008
    FactoidSee Gladsome Gril for non Christmas arrangement of this track
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    Because It's Christmas 2424/2 14 mixes Barrie Gledden (PRS)
    Festive pop folk with male vocal, uplifting sing along chorus & infectious brass band
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    Christmas In The City 2 2894/44 12 mixes Bob Bradley (PRS) | Adam Dennis (PRS) | Abigail Alton (PRS) | Alistair Griffin (PRS)
    Reflective festive nu folk instrumental with guitar, brass, strings & bells
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    Festive Folk 2893/6 17 mixes Adam Drake (PRS) | Tom Jenkins (PRS)
    Relaxed & cheerful nu folk with a festive feel
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    Ride with Santa 1447/4 8 mixes Terry Devine-King (PRS)
    Cheerful, jolly & bright Christmas instrumental
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