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Flight of the Bumblebee - 1 mixes

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    Flight of the Bumblebee 1053/2 Arr. Evelyn Glennie (PRS)
    Ludicrously fast solo marimba arrangement of famous melody by Rimsky-Korsakov
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    • Tempo NotesVery Fast
    • ISRCGB-FFM-03-05302
    • PublisherAudio Network Limited
    • Release Year2003
    FactoidNo tricks were used in this recording - what you hear is what Evelyn played. It was the second take!
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    Comic Chase 2266/5 19 mixes Paul Mottram (PRS)
    Madcap comedy chase with xylophone, pizzicato strings & percussion
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    Crazy Bones 1311/2 7 mixes Barrie Gledden (PRS) | Evelyn Glennie (PRS)
    Frantic, fun marimba with crazy percussion
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    Fantastic Flight 1062/18 11 mixes Paul Mottram (PRS)
    Very fast solo piano in the style of 'Flight Of The Bumble Bee'
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    Flight Of The Bumble Bee 2344/8 10 mixes Rimsky-Korsakov Arr. David Tobin (PRS/BMI) | Jeff Meegan (BMI) | Julian Gallant (PRS)
    Frantic orchestral arrangement played at hair-raising speed (1899)
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    Insects 1967/8 1 mixes Lincoln Grounds (PRS) | Richard Rayner (PRS)
    Fidgety, jerky & erratic solo marimba. Scurrying & random
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