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Druids Sleep - 1 mixes

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    Druids Sleep 1338/3 Bob Bradley (PRS)
    Hippy chimes & bells with soothing synth swells
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    • Tempo NotesSlow
    • ISRCGB-FFM-09-33803
    • PublisherAudio Network Limited
    • Release Year2009
    FactoidThe Shannara Druids can place themselves into a state of suspended animation, which is nice.
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    Entwine 2495/6 12 mixes Richard Lacy (PRS) | Sarah Elizabeth Lacy (PRS) | David Bird (PRS) | Joseph Lacy (PRS)
    Slowly evolving, soothing acoustic textures & chimes. Mystical feel
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    Floating 1094/2 4 mixes Mark Johns (PRS)
    Relaxing, atmospheric solo electric guitar
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    Psychedelic Space 1141/1 9 mixes Igor Dvorkin (PRS) | Duncan Pittock (PRS)
    Spacey, transcendental & dreamy. 1960s/70s modular synths, guitars & lots of hair
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    Still Moving 1091/4 3 mixes Tim Devine (ASCAP) | Stacey Berkley (PRS)
    Peaceful, beautiful, meditative solo harp
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    Vapour Trails 1378/1 6 mixes David O'Brien (PRS) | Gareth Johnson (PRS)
    Slow, sensual piano over ethereal pads & laid-back groove
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