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Carry Bean - 1 mixes

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    Carry Bean 1250/10 Blair Booth (PRS)
    Light children's reggae instrumental
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    • AlbumChildren 3 1250
    • KeyBb/A# (ends in Bb/A#)
    • Metre4/4
    • Tempo140 bpm (ends at 140)
    • Tempo NotesMedium
    • ISRCGB-FFM-08-25010
    • PublisherAudio Network Limited
    • Release Year2008
    FactoidThis track was originally recorded as the underscore from the Two Times Table
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    Llamarama 1568/1 9 mixes Christopher Ashmore (PRS) | Benjamin Marks (PRS)
    A cheerful fusion of ethnic instruments with harmonica melody
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