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British National Anthem 1 mixes

British National Anthem 1091/13 Arr. Tim Devine (ASCAP) | Stacey Berkley (PRS)
Solo Harp arrangement of God Save the Queen into dreamy end
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  • AlbumHarp 1091
  • KeyG (ends in G)
  • Metre
  • Tempon/a
  • Tempo NotesSlow
  • ISRCGB-FFM-04-09113
  • PublisherAudio Network Limited
  • Release Year2004
FactoidGod Save The Queen is the National Anthem of the Maldives - and they don't have a Queen…
China 1484/7 4 mixes Arr. Simon Anderson (PRS)
Chinese National Anthem. 'March of the Volunteers'. Military band
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God Save The Queen 1033/6 3 mixes Arr. Paul Mottram (PRS)
Military band arrangement of British National Anthem
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