Raithe Laurence

Crafting music for Film, TV & Advertising

Folk to dance; multi-instrumentalist & producer who defies classification

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The story behind the sound

Welsh multi-instrumentalist musician and producer Raithe Laurence defies categorical classification. His writing has graced genres as diverse as pop, rock, jazz, folk, electronic, and dance. Beyond his contributions to others as a producer and live performer — Raithe himself plays double bass, guitar, drums, keys, and flute and is a vocalist— he also performs under the name RAI*THE with an eye (and ear) on making a dance floor spring to life. His solo work focuses on the groove, but paired with Harry George Keyworth and Jethro Chaplin, Raithe continues to create a wide array of music. Together, the trio run the gamut from upbeat acoustic tracks through hip hop and electronic.

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