Per Ljungqvist

Crafting music for Film, TV & Advertising

Stockholm native known for making some of music's most memorable hooks.

The story behind the sound

In-demand Stockholm native Per Ljungqvist (also known as Per QX) has DJ’ed in over thirty different countries around the world. These performances include stops at Berlin’s Tresor, Barcelona’s Razzmatazz, and notable UK festivals including Glastonbury, Bestival, and Lovebox. He’s written dance music for nearly two decades and, in that time, has accomplished the feat of reaching the number one spot on Billboard’s dance chart. Per’s compositions have complimented a variety of projects for film and television as well as in support of Adidas, Pioneer, BBC Radio 1, and BBC TV. Per is the co-founder of the infamous international dance party GutterSlut. In pairing with George Nakas under the moniker "Pop Talk," Per has continued to produce distinct electro pop, dance, and EDM work.

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