Bury Your Heart Here ANW 2897

An album of acoustic driven pop with indie rock flavours and classic song writing. Featuring ambient pop underscores with standout grooves and emotive melodies under moody but heartfelt male vocals
4 tracks
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    Bury Your Heart Here 2897/1 12 mixes Nick Kingswell
    Moody, heartfelt male vocal over soft acoustic guitar, pads & piano
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    Higher Now 2897/2 15 mixes Nick Kingswell
    Mellow guitar chords with emotive male vocals over ambient indie pop groove
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    River Runs Red 2897/3 12 mixes Nick Kingswell
    Laid back male vocals over acoustic guitar, piano & half time groove
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    Everest Lost 2897/4 12 mixes Nick Kingswell
    Emotive guitar-driven song with powerful groove & moody male vocal
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