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Library Music


Library Music is another name for production music or stock music. Library music is ideal for TV, film, video games or commercial productions as it is completely owned by the library in which it is made available, meaning that no further permission for usage is required from its composer.

Audio Network is a music library that contains 102,661 tracks, ditties, tunes and arrangements to make your production shine.

To find the perfect library music for your next project, search Audio Network’s library now.

To find out more about music rights, look at the table below:

Top 40

Every day, we update our Top 40 - a list of the most downloaded tracks from our library over the last month. To check out our most popular tracks, click here.


Creative Chronicles

On the Audio Network blog, you can catch a glimpse of what goes on behind-the-scenes of some great adverts, films and TV productions in our Creative Chronicles. To find out how music selected from our library becomes an intrinsic part of videos such as Halifax's 'Holiday Dad', click here.

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