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Audio Network's Production Music catalogue is ideal for producers working in radio. From promos to documentariesdrama to sport, Audio Network's catalogue contains 96,120 production music tracks, all rights cleared for radio - multi-platform, worldwide, forever.

The production music catalogue covers every possible radio production genre - childrensfactual and entertainment - you name it, we have it covered. From:

you'll find the perfect track at Audio Network.

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Created by authentic musicians from around the world, every track has been designed with radio production in mind.

Specially Composed for Radio

Count of Monte Cristo

The BBC came to Audio Network wanting music for a new radio production for their forthcoming drama series on Radio 4, A Count of Monte Cristo and I’m delighted to say that Audio Network asked Jeff Meegan and I to do it. The music was written specifically to the Beeb’s brief, although it’s now available in the amazing Audio Network library....

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BBC’s Barchester Chronicles: A View from the Producer

Audio Network composers David Tobin and Jeff Meegan were thrilled to do a specially composed project for BBC Radio Drama, specifically for BBC Radio 4’s Barchester Chronicles.

The BBC's Marion Nancarrow takes up the story…

Barchester Chronicles

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