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Helen Jane Long

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Simple solo piano with long reverb. Sad, lonely
Mysterious, melancholy choir, strings and synth
Floating, atmospheric theme with dreamy Celeste & emotive strings
Simple solo piano waltz in the style of Chopin
Hypnotic, undulating score, developing with subtle changes
Cinematic sparse piano with string bed. Tension & resolution
Gentle, emotional theme for violin & strings
Ambient, sparse, warm piano with gentle pad
Slow, gentle violins with calm piano arpeggios
Dark & foreboding undulating piano theme with weaving pads
Romantic solo piano with gentle ascending arpeggios
Passionate 'cello with string orchestra and harp. Sad, romantic.
Cautious clarinet, strings, bassoon and celesta
Sad, mournful strings. Featured violin
Hypnotic echoing piano chords over dark synth bed
String pad with choral textures & dark 'cello
Gentle, emotional piano with string quartet
String quartet arrangement of famous 18th Century tune
Light flowing celesta & strings. Simple, repetitive theme
Simple, tense, delayed piano with pizzicato strings, celesta & vibes
Jolly, string quartet arrangement of famous tune
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