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Christopher Ashmore

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Relentless electro dance groove with orchestral effects
Cheesy ballroom mambo with brass section & Spanish trumpets
Up-tempo jazz sextet - piano, walking bass, drums & brass
Bassoon with light, magical orchestration
Hi octane electronic dance groove with synth screams & chopped vocals
Smooth RnB with clean chopped up guitars & vocal samples
Aggressive grunge/rock with a hint of electronica!
Reflective, jazz-tinged ballad featuring cello, piano & alto flute
Strutting boogie with New Orleans rhythm section
Evolving, glassy pads over laid back drum groove
Building, menacing theme with mighty orchestral whoomphs
Simple contemplative piano melody with light drums & ambient effects
Gentle, swinging jazz quartet. Piano lead. A tad cheesy
Chilled groove with ambient piano, synth pads & soul vocal samples
Kitsch 1960s boogaloo Latin pop with brass & piccolos
Atonal cacophony of electro beats, junk percussion, bleeps & glitches
Reflective, jazz-flavoured ballad with piano & double bass
Dark driving percussion with flute & strings. Builds throughout, African influence
Melodramatic upright jangle bar piano in the silent movie style. Tango feel
Cinematic synth theme over dramatic hard hitting drum score
Ultra middle of the road lift/lounge music. Truly awful bossa nova. Guitar lead
Gentle autumn waltz with melodica, piano & brush drums. French influence
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