The World Of Hip Hop: Money, Wealth & Fame

Hip Hop music has sparked interest throughout its history, and recently the demand for a constant stream of new, fresh, edgy tracks has been massive.  That’s why, in addition to our new Hip Hop and RnB albums, we’re bringing you this great new infographic!

Audiences have always been so enthralled with the music, lifestyle, fame and fortune that go along with this popular genre, and so we dove into some of the most frequently discussed topics about the music and culture. Take a look at the infographic below and let us know what you think!


So there you go – a breakdown of the world of hip hop in one all-encompassing image!  We know what the numbers tell us, but we want to hear your feedback – did you enjoy the infographic? Did you learn something new about Hip Hop? Or just tell us your funnest Hip Hop fact in the comments below.

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