The UK's Most Successful TV Themes... Ever!

Here at Audio Network we provide high quality production music to some of the most reputable and well-known television production companies and broadcasters across the globe, from the BBC through to Channel 4, Endemol to NBC and Discovery. Our music has been featured in thousands of the most popular television shows, which got us thinking; what is the most popular television theme tune of all time? How do you measure success in this instance? Take a look at our snazzy infographic to find out which TV theme tunes are the cream of the crop.

So there we have it, Eastenders, M*A*S*H, and Only Fools and Horses are top of the pops in the TV theme tune hit parade. But what do you think? Has your favourite theme tune made it into the list, or has it gone unnoticed? Tell us your thoughts and opinions in the comments below, and if you liked the infographic don’t forget to tweet all about it or share it to your Facebook wall – simply click the share buttons at the side of this page.

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