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We love seeing how different brands and clients use our music – especially as we know how important it is to get exactly the right soundtrack.

Here’s a roundup of our recent syncs, from adventures with cashmere to immunity-boosting tea and the Scottish Government’s money advice service.

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Loro Piana

Cashmere company Loro Piana encourage you to travel into a world of wonder, as their promo video beckons a customer to go behind the scenes in a gallery when a painting comes to life. Their materials come from rare and precious raw materials in the most remote places in the world, so a vicuña (a relative of the lama, whose wool the company uses) whose portrait is hanging in pride of place, shows the customer a beautiful, hidden landscape…

The track that Loro Piana used is a slightly 60s-style track called ‘Speaksleazy’ by Sam Wedgwood, which, with its muted trumpet and skulking piano, conjures up a feeling of retro spy intrigue that’s perfect for hooking you in and making you want to find out exactly what the cheeky vicuña is hiding…

BP Pulse

Want to make life super-simple and more eco-friendly? You need to be able to charge up your car from the comfort of your home, with a BP Pulse charge point, in that case.

Both of the BP Pulse ads use the same, piano-led track, whose delicate, rhythms certainly make you want to glide around and ‘let life flow’ as elegantly and easily as the BP Pulse users.

Lipton Tea

Want to get yourself going and do yourself some good? You need to kick-start your morning with Lipton Tea’s immune-boosting brew! Illustrated by a cute female character, the ad uses jazz and classical composer Paul Mottram’s track ‘Spick and Span’, whose brisk, snappy piano and finger clicks added to a double bass rhythm definitely make you feel like the Immunity Tea is going provide a positive start -  and give you the kind of Vitamin shield that the Lipton Girl is sporting.

Clean Co

CleanCo’s co-founder is one Spencer Matthews, reality TV star and ‘ex-bad boy’, who has created a low alcohol alternative to gin. The brand’s selection of promo clips use laid-back, loungey piano jazz that fits perfectly with the ‘gentleman’s club’ vibe of Spencer, as he sits, in full Bond-esque black tie, sipping his tipple. It’s knowing, but aspirational, and it’s definitely got us embracing the post-Dry-Jan lower booze trend.

Dating Amber

Amazon Prime’s trailer for Dating Amber shows how things begin to unravel when best friends Eddie and Amber decide to embark on a fake romance to avoid some awkward questions at school and at home about their sexuality.

Lee Dagger and Marc Jackson Burrows’ track ‘New Old Skool’ is a 90s-style house banger, with a driving piano melody that’s perfectly suited to the teens’ adventures and emotional highs and lows (we’re guessing fans of Netflix’s Sex Education will love this.)

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Union Coffee

Cool East London coffee company Union Coffee’s mission is to ‘spread the joy of speciality coffee’ and for people to ‘discover a world of coffee that is better for everyone.’ They hand-roast their coffee and it’s ethically sourced from fourteen different countries.

Their ads cleverly create moments for enjoying coffee – from listening to an afternoon playlist, to the ‘post-ride high’ when you’ve been out on your bike, accompanied by stylish animated images.

The track they chose for these mellow moments is Matt Goodman and Matthew Bento’s ‘So Much More’ – a suitably smooth, 90s hip hop number with super-chilled synths. It’s old skool beat taps into a retro cool that’s perfect for this indie brand.

Scottish Government

The Scottish Government’s cute Money Talk film follows an intrepid pound coin as it makes its way back to the safety of the sofa and its financial family at home.

The track helping it along is ‘Elephant in Paris’ by Chris Blackwell, from his Fun & Quirky album. The track’s jaunty, cheerful vibes make you feel positive about the message being given – that if you want help with your money, from claiming benefits to paying out less on bills, then it’s on offer for you.

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