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This month’s sync highlights are a particularly varied bunch – but then that’s what we love about music licensing and our ‘we can find you absolutely anything you need!’ catalogue. Here are our top picks of music, story and visuals working together.

  • The Uncomfortable Truth, Durex, TVC
  • Bin Bulaaye, Film Trailer
  • What Will You Do, LEGO, Digital
  • The Mauritanian, Film Soundtrack

The Uncomfortable Truth, Durex

Durex kicks off the latest in their ‘Let’s Lube’ campaign for their Naturals range, which aims to tackle misrepresentations of female sexual experiences. Previous ads in the series include 2019’s ‘Ladies, Let’s Lube’ and ‘Moist’ from last year. ‘The Uncomfortable Truth’ opens with a Fleabag-esque comment to camera, as a woman points out the, er, shortcomings of cinematic sex, followed by women in a variety of everyday scenarios – from shower to bed, tent to a solo sesh – revealing the ‘uncomfortable truth’ about vaginal dryness, and the straightforward solution: that ‘sex is better with lube’.

Havas London’s ad was created by a female team of Rosie May Bird-Smith and Amy-Rose Lynch and directed by Alicia MacDonald. It’s direct and fun (although Edna the Persian cat remains unimpressed), while encouraging women to be honest with themselves. The upbeat message is underlined by Emily Lim and Rob Kelly’s playful, piano-led, electro-gypsy jazz track, ‘Swing ‘n’ Tonic’.

Listen to the rest of the album or check out this playlist for more jazz and swing.

Bin Bulaaye, Film trailer

All is forgotten, but sometimes words stay forever…

Bin Bulaaye (The Unannounced) is a 20-minute short in which a woman (Ira Dubey) discovers her late father’s diary and his lyrical thoughts and musings help her to rebuild her heart. Indian director-editor Anshul Tirwari brings in supernatural elements, faith and nature, as well as human emotions such as closure and healing.

Tiwari has directed five award-winning short fiction films, and more than thirty documentaries. Bin Bulaaye won the top prize for the Best Short at the 21st Mumbai Film Festival; his first feature, Pakhee, was filmed last year and due to be released later this year.

Dario Forzato’s track ‘Purest of All’ was used for the film’s trailer – it’s a melancholic charango arpeggio with warm strings and a haunting melody, which suits the delicate, emotional atmosphere of the trailer.

What Will You Do, LEGO

In 2019, LEGO revealed its first global brand campaign in 30 years. Rebuild the World, created with agency BETC in Paris was a live action/CG animation adventure focusing on the power of creativity. The agency’s starting point, as Lego Group’s Senior Vice President Remi Marcelli told, was research from the World Economic Forum that highlighted a ‘crisis of creativity’ – with the level of creative skills in children diminishing, in particular.

LEGO wanted to move away from being seen as a toy, and ‘get back to what we were always about: developing creativity’. The ad, featuring a kick-ass white rabbit inventively outwitting a hunter from the African plains through an ever-changing cityscape, is hugely cinematic. It’s engaging for kids, whilst hiding a host of Easter eggs for its target market; the adults buying LEGO as a gift. And the actual bricks only appear right at the end; it’s essentially a LEGO ad without any LEGO.

The message that any child can ‘build and rebuild in infinity, imagining… wild stories and new worlds’ continued with the 2020 Holiday Season ad, with Princess Knights, dinosaurs, dragons, Star Wars and dancefloors, set to ‘What a Wonderful World’.

Lego have used one of our tracks on their new, interactive ‘What Will You Do’ campaign.

The Mauritanian, Film soundtrack

Based on a true story, The Mauritanian has a heavyweight cast including Jodie Foster, Benedict Cumberbatch, Shailene Woodley and The Serpent’s Tahir Rahim, who stars as Mohamedou Ould Slahi, one of Guantanamo’s so-called ‘forever prisoners’, held without charge or trial, battling the US government in a fight for justice.

Five Audio Network tracks have been used on the film’s soundtrack:

Tim Devine and Luis Marquez‘Palmas del Caribe’ is a gentle, emotive, Cuban Sol-style salsa with a male vocal. Paul Mottram’s ‘Belle of the Ball’, in contrast, is a soaring, graceful piano melody, reminiscent of Chopin. ‘Goldmine’ by Keith Beauvais, Dave James and Michael Craig, meanwhile, is a dirty, stomping country blues number. Barrie Gledden and Kes Loy have combined forces on ‘Warrior’, a full metal onslaught of guitars and drums, and Oliver Route follows suit with some crushing metalcore on ‘Break Me Down’.

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