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Old school hip hop, minimal piano instrumentals and vintage funk-pop mingle with medieval folk.

 Arts and Crafts - Adam Drake, Tom Jenkins

Arts and Crafts

From Grammy nods to sessions with Paul McCartney, Elton John and Robbie Williams, guitarist Adam Drake and sound engineer Tom Jenkins are a songwriting team with quite some pedigree. Drawing on a wealth of experience – which includes topping the Billboard Jazz Charts and shaping the hit stage production of Mamma Mia!Arts & Crafts sees the duo exploring relaxed, mid-tempo folk-pop, with warm acoustic guitars and light percussion.

Golden Age Part II - George Georgia

Golden Age Part II

A BAFTA-nominated producer with co-signs from Annie Mac, Gilles Peterson and Dazed, London-based producer George Georgia has also created music for brands like Google, Vogue, Nike and National Geographic. On Golden Age Part II he explores classic hip hop sounds with laid-back beats, jazzy piano riffs, blasts of brass, DJ scratching and chopped vocals.

Velvet Road - Sidney Samuel Batham, Matthew Richard Salvage

Velvet Road

London-based musician Sid Batham shares soulful, funk-pop tunes inspired by days gone by. Expect vintage-sounding instrumentals, heartfelt vocals and a good mixture of slow-jams and upbeat dance numbers.

Garden Suite - Tim Renwick

Garden Suite

One of Audio Network’s longest standing collaborators, Tim Renwick first found success as part of Sutherland Brothers & Quiver before going on to play guitar with Elton John, Eric Clapton, Pink Floyd and Tom Jones. On Garden Suite, Renwick offers fresh takes on olde English folk classics alongside Latin-inspired songs evoking sun-drenched beaches, and does so utilising a gently nostalgic palette that features warm guitars and emotional strings, alongside marimba, glockenspiel, fiddle and recorder.

You Got Me Good - Andy Powell

You Got Me Good

As inspired by Stevie Wonder as he is Bruno Mars, Andy Powell combines a retro-soul aesthetic with up-to-the minute pop sounds. You Got Me Good continues this timeless trend, finding the British songwriter/composer exploring a 1960s soul influence that extends from upbeat dance pop to more intimate ballads, all embellished with heartfelt vocals.

Subliminal - Andrew Swarbrick


Andrew Swarbrick composes and produces music for film scores and movie trailers, and his compositions can be heard in campaigns for Sonic The Hedgehog and The Aftermath. As Subliminal shows, he’s an undisputed master of atmosphere. Minimal piano mingles with poignant strings on this delicate and reflective set.

In The Courts Of Kings - Karen Street

In The Courts Of Kings

Courtly Renaissance dances, regal ceremonial marches and medieval folk coalesce on this album from Karen Street; one of the UK’s premiere accordionists, and a former collaborator of Bryan Ferry, Andrea Bocelli and the Royal Shakespeare Company. A period collection laden with lutes, hurdy gurdys, oboe, recorder and percussion.

Acoustic Folk Tales - Matt Nasir

Acoustic Folk Tales

A long-time member of Frank Turner’s band The Sleeping Souls, Londoner Matt Nasir combines Celtic-folk influences with inspiration from his songwriting heroes Philip Glass and Jonny Greenwood. Acoustic Folk Tales offers a beautiful mix of gentle, fingerpicked acoustic guitar, mellow Rhodes, upright bass, and brush beats.

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