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New Releases

Showtime - Neil Sidwell

Showtime Neil Sidwell

Producer, composer, orchestrator and arranger Neil Sidwell has worked with artists including The Who, Blur and Robbie Williams, and created arrangements for X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent, America’s Got Talent and Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway. Musician/composer Keith Beauvais has played with Tom Jones and Gary Numan Together their glam, swaggering big band and boogie woogie has horns, rollicking honky tonk piano and twangy guitars – ideal for Saturday night TV.  

Throwing Sparks - James Grant

Throwing Sparks James Grant

James Grant’s uplifting, inspiring mix of indie rock and pop rock on Throwing Sparks has everything: soaring guitars, driving bass and drums, together with bright piano and choruses you’ll be humming for the rest of the week.

Moments Of Glory 2 - Lorenzo De Feo 

moments of glory 2

Power producer Tom Peters and prolific guitarist Lorenzo de Feo’s uplifting indie on Moments of Glory 2 shows off the best in soaring strings, gentle guitar and warm piano, together with a selection of big, emotional choruses. 

Genetic Interference - Dan & Adam Skinner

genetic interference

Film composer and producer brothers Adam and Dan Skinner join forces on Genetic Interference. When what you need is plenty of menace to unsettle an audience, the Skinners’ eerie, dark atmospheric drones and textures, heavy percussion and synth pulses will have you shaking in your seat.  

Pulling Forces - Dario Forzato

Bruised and Battered Corey Britz

Composer and guitarist Dario Forzato scores films, documentaries and video games (Rocksmith). On Pulling Forces, he creates moods from tense to eerie, mysterious to pensive, with cinematic strings. Extra edge comes from dark pulsing synths, menacing drums, edgy percussion and dramatic climaxes. 

Signals - Cahir O' Doherty


Cahir O’Doherty is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter for rock bands and has toured with Supergrass and Metallica. Signals’ modern anthemic rock and indie rock songs have 90s influenced with powerful male vocals, intricate guitar melodies, big, slamming drums and some satisfyingly heavy riffing. 

Don't Want To Miss You - Jordan Sherman

Don't Want To Miss You

When what you need is fun, LA-based artist and producer Jordan Sherman delivers, with uplifting pop and electro pop bangers. Listen to Don’t Want to Miss You - synths, driving drums, warm guitars, piano chord stabs and soaring, emotional male vocals all crafted by Steve Wilmot (U2, One Republic). It’s music to make your day. 

Bruised and Battered - Corey Britz

Bruised and Battered Corey Britz

Bruised and Battered does what it says - Corey Britz’s heavy, guitar-based rock features thumping drum grooves, pedal-to-the-metal guitar riffs and distorted guitars, synth textures, bass and high-octane drumming from Nik Hughes for a full-on assault on the senses.


New music released to the catalogue, from dream-pop, slinky R&B and dystopian electronica to yacht rock and a cinematic score inspired by China.

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