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Sinking Sands - Sula Mae

sinking sands sula mae

Sula Mae is a singer songwriter from East London. Sula has released two EPs so far; her debut EP reached No. 3 in the iTunes singer-songwriter charts. Her first album release was written alongside Tommy Evans.

Tommy, a drummer, composer, producer, musical director and conductor, has featured on campaigns for Audi and Ralph Lauren.

Sinking Sands’ gentle, uplifting folk pop and summery acoustic ballads features heartfelt vocals, strumming guitars, horns and strings.

Marble Shade - Henry White & Nathan Feddo

marble shade

Henry White and Nathan Feddo’s music combines both electronic and acoustic elements. On Marble Shade, they bring together hypnotic electronic textures with warm analogue synths, vocal samples, deep pulsing bass, pumping electro grooves, plus vocal samples and FX.

Critical Aggression -  Mark Denis

critical aggression mark denis new music Audio Network

Mark Denis has written for over 150 major theatrical advertising campaigns. Film hits include X-Men: Apocalypse, The Martian Zero Dark Thirty, and Avengers: Age of Ultron.

With Critical Aggression, he combines cinematic hits and attention-grabbing slams with pulsing synths, sound design FX, epic tonal blasts and bass riffs, building to tense, slamming finishes.

Lifted Lights - Andrew Swarbrick

lifted lights music audio network

Andrew Swarbrick composes and produces music for film scores and movie trailers, including the campaigns for Sonic The Hedgehog, The Aftermath, and Mass Effect Andromeda.

Lifted Lights features beautiful, piano-based moods, from gentle and affecting to romantic, with cascading arpeggios and wistful strings and energetic, positive and inspiring.

Los 12 Dias de Navidad - Juan Carlos Rodriguez

los 12 dias de navidad juan carlos rodriguez audio network new music

Venezuelan-born pianist, producer and songwriter Juan Carlos Rodriguez is a four-time recipient of the BMI Film & TV Award for his work on East Los High.

For his festive tracks he showcases well-known Christmas carols in a range of Latin American styles, with Spanish vocals, folk instruments and festive percussion.

The Calm Before - Swim Team

the calm before jdp audio network new music

Johnathan ‘JDP’ Pratt is an award-winning songwriter, rapper and producer combining rap, pop, R&B and electro. Hailing from Chicago, he’s part of the Emmy award winning collective Swimteam which has seen success with major recording artists, as well as TV shows and commercials.

On The Calm Before, he brings together soulful R&B, chilled pop and hip hop. Featured vocalists include LA-based Luna, Rebecca Brunner (The Voice) and soul singer Miranda Mayo.

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